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Camps: Stage 1

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World Dragon Attack
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This article has been archived and may contain out of date information.

Camps: Stage 1

Camps are special holdings you can build during World Event (previously Alliance Vs Alliance), which help you mount an attack against enemy alliance camps, or send help to friendly alliance camps. Aside from giving you a place on the battlefield, they also provide you with certain bonuses, which can be viewed by clicking on Stats button for specific action stat.

There are three places in each Region that an Alliance can build a Camp in. Each region is represented by a different landscape image to match that region. Also each of the 3 main Stats have different camp image. You can view those by clicking on Images button for specific action stat.

While the Spoils during Stage 1 are main Stat based rather than sub Stat based, the specialization you choose during Stage 1 will determine specialization you will have during Stage 2 (normal AvA phase), so choose wisely.

Spoils required to level up camps during Stage 1 can only be obtained by completing World Event Quests, which will require you do either win a series of PtP Actions or win a series of World Event Adventures. You will recieve 1 Spoil for each successfully completed quest.

There are 5 Tiers of camps, which require different amounts of materials required to level up. Those Tiers are based on your alliance size, or rather the average size of your alliances' war participation during previous 3 cycles. Those tiers are:

  • Tier 1: 1 - 25 members
  • Tier 2: 26 - 50 members
  • Tier 3: 51 - 100 members
  • Tier 4: 101 - 200 members
  • Tier 5: 201 - 500 members