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Wildling Scythe
Wildling Spearwife
Bael the Bard's Lute
Wildlings! Deal
Discounted 25% from full price of 80!
Free folk don't follow names, or little cloth animals sewn on a tunic. They won't dance for coins, they don't care how you style yourself or what that chain of office means or who your grandsire was. They follow strength. They follow the man.
Join the Free Folk with a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random legendary or better seal (40% chance of peerless).

NOTE: This deal will not give you all items pictured; it will only give you ONE item from each cluster.
ie. One Peerless Item from those pictured below, one Legendary Item from those pictured below, and one of the Seals pictured below.

  • This Deal was featured in the Shop on November 10, 2014 for 60 Gold Icon


Wildlings Peerless Combo
Achievement Frame 1

Random Peerless Item

Wildlings Legendary Combo
Achievement Frame 1

Random Legendary Item

Wildlings Seal Combo
Achievement Frame 1

Random Legendary or Better Seal

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