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White Knife

The White Knife is one of three locations that an Alliance can build a Camp within the North during Alliance Vs Alliance conflict.

The White Knife is a major river in the North. White Harbor sits along the mouth of the White Knife where it meets the Bite.

Adventures at the White KnifeEdit

Volume I Icon Send the Sistermen Home
Volume I IconTrouble at the Lazy Eel
Volume III Icon Keep the Low Games Fair (Night)
Volume IV Icon Defend Riverfolk Traders


The Lazy Eel

an unsavory pub in White Harbor frequented by criminals and prostitutes.
Long Lake

a large lake in the North located northeast of Winterfell, east of the Northern Mountains, southwest of the Last Hearth, and west of the Lonely Hills. The Kingsroad runs along its northwestern shore on its way to the Wall. Long Lake is the source of the White Knife, which flows south into the Bite.
The New Castle

a castle in the North located within the city of White Harbor.
White Harbor

a harbor city in the North which contains the New Castle. Located south of Winterfell, it is the largest settlement north of the Neck, but the smallest among the five major cities of Westeros. White Harbor is the North's primary trade port.
The Wolf's Den Castle

an ancient castle in White Harbor that now serves as a prison. It has crumbling black walls which loom large over houses that cling to them.

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