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Baratheon at Winterfell

Northern Lands Edit

Ok, you got thru Boot Camp.  Can you fight a War? Edit

The first thing to know is that is it not all about just fighting.  In fact, if you can avoid it, you should.  Be respectful. Barter wins more AvA than fighting.  Win Allies.  The second thing, never go out alone.  Never take on an opponent that you are sure to lose against.  Success counts (Victory Points).


  • Find, make or buy the best equipment you can.  Equip the best equipment and seals on your Character.
  • Set up a Patrol with the best defensive equipped Peerless that you can find.
  • Use Talents heavily in defensive Swindle, Intrigue and Aid.
  • Hire at least 6 non-peerless Sworn Swords for Harass and Barter .  Equip with great defensive and offensive equipment. Good sites to find Harass equipment are Volume I Adventures, Level 68 and 85.
  • Complete your Weapon Rack in your Smithy House and Siege House.
  • Bring Silver and Camp Supplies.

Rules of EngagementEdit

  1. Obey your Officer. Read the MOTD.  Check the Camp Webpage.  Read the Chats.   Obey your officer.
  2. If you are below 120 level, you are weak,  Confine your actions to Barter for Friendly Allies and Harass for enemies or you will damage the camp.  If you lose, pay for the damages against the camp. Do not engage the lower ranked Alliances unless directed by your officer, if you fail, you pull the camp down to the rank below them..
  3. If a monster Alliance sends a massive waves of attacks, leave the camp.  Live to fight another day. 
  4. Each camp needs all disciplines,  You can Garrison in other camps but you must leave at least one in your home garrison. Check with your officer, obey your officer. Once you are Garrisoned in Camps, you can fight by going through the WarMap and entering thru the shield icon,
  5. Follow your leaders lead in Campaigns. Slapping at minor enemies just encourages them. Learn to crush them.
  6. Set a goal of at least 5 actions a day.
  7. If you get the itch to reincarnate, sell all and donate it to the camps (You cannot take it with you where you are going). If however, you donate before all supplies are complete in the camp, for the level up, then you are just handing it to the enemy.

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