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The southernmost of the Free Cities, Volantis is situated nearest Slaver's Bay and does extensive trade in slaves, glassware and wines. They are ruled by an elected triarchy. Sellswords from Volantis are often recognizable by their tattooed faces. Volantis is sometimes drawn into conflicts over the Disputed Lands.


The Black Walls of Volantis

a great oval of fused black stone built two hundred feet high in the eastern half of Volantis. Built by the Valyrian Freehold when Volantis was no more than an outpost of their empire, it is considered the heart of Volantis and only scions of the Old Blood able to trace their ancestry to Valyria are allowed to dwell there.
The Long Bridge

an old bridge that joins the two halves of Volantis across the mouth of the Rhoyne River. It is a great span with a fused stone road supported by massive piers. Its was built by the Valyrian Freehold.
The Merchant's House Inn

the finest and largest inn in Volantis. The Merchant's House is the first choice for shippers, captains, and merchantmen. Traders from Oldtown and King's Landing mingle with their counterparts from Braavos and Pentos and Myr. There are cheap rooms on the fourth floor, iron rings are set in the walls for chaining up one’s slaves. The Merchant’s House is famous for its locks, which are as secure as a gaol.

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