• Zurvivor

    I was reading's rules and it seems that they only want stories there, so I thought I'd put my background info here :)

    Zyntas Bloodwater is the Lord of Stormport in the Rainwood of the Stormlands. He is the youngest of the seven children born to Lord Rolfe and Lady Meya of House Coldwater of Coldwater Rush in the Vale. [1] He, along with his elder brother Bryan (sixth child) were sent off to be fostered when Zyntas was four years old. While his brother was sent to be fostered in the North, Zyntas was sent to the Riverlands to be fostered by Lord Dawsin Wayn. The connection between House Wayn and House Coldwater was due to Lord Wayn's wife, Lady Alara Moore of House Moore in the Vale.

    Just before Robert's Rebellion, Zyntas marri…

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  • Zurvivor


    March 24, 2016 by Zurvivor

    So I decided I want to go ahead and write a GoT: Ascent fanfic, so where is the best place to do that? :p

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