As of August 2013, Game Of thrones Ascent is still in Beta. This means there may be frequent changes to the game and there will be bugs, glitches, lags and display errors. Bugs are always to be expected in every game regardless of platform.

Here are some of the current known issues with the games, followed by their temporary workarounds. You can use CTRL + F or CMD + F to search for keywords.

Update Issues

My game stays on a black screen when loading after a game update

To resolve this, simply clear your cookies and cache. To do this, press CTRL, Shift & Delete while using your browser and follow the simple steps. Then restart your browser (not your whole computer, that's unnecessary).

My Gold (Gold Icon) is missing after the game was updated

This is most likely a display error. Your gold is actually on your account but the balance says you have 0.

  1. First, try clicking on the gold at the top of the screen next to the silver. Then refresh the game
  2. If that does not work, go to the shop and attempt to buy something that costs gold which you know you cannot afford, then refresh again
  3. Failing that, it's not a display glitch. Send a support email to Disruptor Beam. They will look into your account logs and see that you bought gold but did not spend it, therefore they will re-credit it back to you. Instructions on contacting support are further down this post

After a game update I am being asked to re-do quests I have already completed

This was not an update. This was a reverse-update, a previous version restore. When an update fails or causes too many issues, the developers will revert the game back to a previous version to undo the latest update, much like system restore on your computer. This means that anything you did between the last update and the revert may (not always) be undone. there is no work-around other than to do the quests again. Any gold you bought or items you paid gold for are safe because they are stored on a separate location than other items.



Quest And Battle Issues

I am stuck in the Prologue at the design a banner quest

This is an uncommon bug where new players or freshly-reincarnated players cannot complete the quest where they need to design a banner, because the quest will not complete after the banner has been created.

  1. Click your Character portrait in the top-left
  2. Under the banner icon on your character page, there is an edit button. Click it.
  3. Create or edit your flag there and save it

I cannot open my boss battle after it has been started

This is an issue where the player finds it impossible to re-open their ongoing boss challenge after they closed the screen. Unfortunately there is no workaround yet, other than to let the battle time out (injuring the Sworn Sword assigned to the battle) or hope the friends you invited to the battle can complete it without you. (A blog explaining how to retrieve boss battle invite URLs will follow shortly).

I was not presented with the option to invite friends to a boss battle

This is generally caused by a combination of lag and impatient people spam-clicking the screen (or lag and a rather large cat sitting on the mouse).

(A blog explaining how to retrieve boss battle invite URLs will follow shortly).

My friend invited me to a boss battle, but I cannot see it

The main cause of this is that the quest is in a different volume to the one you are currently in. This is not a bug. Simply check all of the volumes by clicking the relevant volume number in the middle-left of the screen. Switching volumes will not affect the progress in your current volume and you can switch back at any time.

If the battle still isn't shown, refresh the game.

I never received my reward after the boss battle

You probably did, but due to overclicking you "bypassed" the rewards screen. Refresh the game and check your inventory via the relevant character or Sworn Sword slots. Remember, there is a small "next" bottom on the bottom right of the inventory screens that a lot of people seem to miss.

If for some reason the reward was not issued, contact teh Disruptor Beam support (details how to below). Beware that they have complete access to the logs of your game, everything you do is recorded in a log - trying to lie to them will not work and may get you in trouble.

I cannot find the Reincarnation quest

Quest Rebirth New Icon
You will only be offered the reincarnation quest after you have completed Volume 1.

If you have already completed the volume and either were not asked if you would like to reincarnate or chose to reincarnate later - open your Lorebook. Click on menu, then Lineage. The option to reincarnate should then be on the left.

Bonus Quests I have already completed keep showing up again

Quest Bonus Icon
Bonus quests will have this icon next to them in your quest list. They may show up more than once across multiple volumes and chapters . Don't worry, this is not a bug. The bonus quests are assigned randomly and in no set order or volume. The main purpose of them is to give the player a little boost to a certain Alignment.

I have not yet received the final Quest for a certain chapter

Not a bug. The final quests can sometimes take time to get to because it is at the end of a long quest tree which needs to be completed first. Just continue completing what quests you already have on offer, the final chapter quest will appear when you reach a certain stage.

I completed the bonus chapter quest but did not get my bonus reward

Unfotunately some bonus chapter quests are currently bugged and will not reward the player. A fix is being worked on.

I have completed a quest but my Sworn Sword timer is still counting

Just open the finished quest to view the results. For some reason the Sworn Sword timers are separate from the quest timers, which is actually a developmental nightmare for game developers, so why they have such a system is unknown. This can cause lags between timers.



Player To Player Issues

I sent out a Barter and won, but I did not get any Silver (Silver Icon)

If you or the player you are sending the barter to has less silver than they have protected, the player who sent the barter will not earn any silver, despite the report saying they did. The only workaround is for both players to increase their total silver over their protected amount.

As of Version 1.1.136 (Mid-July/Early-August) there is also a bug where some players will not receive silver from player to player actions despite either side having more silver than their protection limit. Disruptor Beam are investigating this.

While sending multiple p2p actions against the same player, the Sworn Sword selection menu keeps popping up

This is a known issue caused by server lags. The only workaround is to refresh when you experience this, then you can continue with the game or contiue sending p2p actions. Annoyingly for those with lots of sworn swords, you may find yourself refreshing constantly while trying to send player to player actions.

After sending p2p actions, a pop-up box keeps appearing saying the Sworn Sword is already busy, when they were not

This is due to a communications lag between the game and the server, caused by heavy traffic on such a popular game. Your Sworn Sword was sent on the p2p action you chose. Simply refresh the game, which forces the server to catch up with your account. This may make your Sworn Swords appear multiple times on the right-hand side, if that happens just refresh again.

This issue and the one above will continue to occur unless Disruptor Beam invest in better server hardware. When the game was released, nobody anticipated how popular it would be or how much traffic it would get.

I have recently reincarnated, so I should have 7 days protection, but someone is attacking me

This person is in your Friends list. You can attack anybody in your friends regardless whether or not they have protection from attacks. To prevent it happening in the future, just unfriend the culprit. Bear in mind that Barter and Aid are good "attacks" which help you, not harmful ones.

I have recently reincarnated and I have received a notification that I am under attack, but there are no incoming attacks in the p2p menu

This happens when someone chooses you to attack in the list of randomly selected p2p targets, but that player no longer exists because they reincarnated. This is called a "ghost attack" or "phantom attack" and it is caused by the randomly generated p2p lists not updating. Don't worry, you will not lose any silver and the attacker will only receive "ghost silver" that was not taken from you.



Items and Inventory Issues

I cannot find a recently crafted or won item to equip

95% of the time this is caused by the same thing. The player themselves. Most players do not notice the small "Next" button on the bottom-right of the inventory menu when trying to equip their Character or Sworn Sword. 3% of the time it's caused by players not clicking the "Finish" button in the relevant building. 2% of the time you will need to refresh.

Remember, the first slot is for hand items (swords, rings, etc). the second is for body items (armour, necklaces, etc). The third slot is for units (pikeman, militia, etc).

I can't craft a certain item despite having the resources for it

This has two possible causes.

Phantom gear is the first possibility. This is a bug where the game thinks you have items that you do not. To determine if you have phantom gear:

  1. Go to the shop
  2. Click "Sell An Item"
  3. Look at the number where it says "Owned" for that item. This is how many of that item you actually own
  4. Now look in the bottom-right of the item's picture
  5. If you see a "multiplier" in there (ie "x2"),  this is the number of items being listed on your inventory page when equipping items.  Anything listed here that is greater than the number next to “Owned” is phantom gear

When you try several times to create or equip phantom items, the server will eventually realise the error and remove the phantom from your inventory.

The second possibility is because one of the items required for crafting is superior (Rare, Legendary, has additional stats due to crafting bonuses, etc). This is a known issue and is being worked on by Disruptor Beam. The workaround is to create a new relevant item and hope that it doesn't randomly have improved stats (as a result of building upgrades such as Furnace). it could also be caused by a pop-up blocker, because a pop-up menu appears to make sure the player is certain about using a superior item to craft, try turning the pop-up blocker off and trying again.

I can't equip a certain item despite it showing in my inventory

See above about phantom gear.

I can't donate a certain item for Alliance Challenges

Try equipping and unequipping that item several times to a Sworn Sword then refreshing and trying to donate it again.

If the problem persists, try donating through these direct links instead (change the 0 after "quant=" to the number you wish to donate):

Braving the Green Waters

Kingsroad Ambush

Against the Wildling Horde

Tourney in the Marches

Slaver's Bay Race

Fire at the Arsenal

Shadowcat Hunt



Other and General Issues

Shop doesn't update after leveling up

There is a known issue where the shop does not update with new items past player level 10. there is no workaround other than to wait for a fix to be released,

I can't do a certain adventure despite having the relevant level for it

Some Adventures can only be completed at certain times. If the adventure has a light-blue background, it can only be completed while it is daytime in your Holding. If it has a dark-blue background, it can only be completed during nighttime in your Holding. A black background is an adventure that can be done at any time. the day and night cycle lasts 3 hours each, so every 3 hours your hold will alternate between day and night.

I cannot cancel a Marriage or Betrothal proposal

This is a known bug. The workaround is simple. Go to the profile of another player who already has the pact position filled, then click 'Cancel' under that player's portrait. You'll get a message saying you cannot do that (obviously because it is not your pact). Now, refresh the game and your own proposal will have been cancelled. Sometimes it may take an hour to update the cancelled proposal, however.

The game does not load

  1. Refresh
  2. Clear your cache then restart the browser
  3. Check your Java and Flash Player are up to date

I accepted a friend request, but the request doesn't complete

It did complete. This is just a display lag. Refresh then the request will vanish and the new friend will be in your friends list.



More Help

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed above, please feel free to either comment on this blog post or open a discussion thread on our wiki forum. You may have a quicker response if you post in the forum.

Click here to go to the Game of Thrones Ascent Wiki forum.



Contacting Disruptor Beam Support

If you have an issue that requires the attention of the developers (for example, missing Gold) you can contact Disruptor Beam directly.

Click here to go to the Disruptor Beam Support Request form

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