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  • Scottster88

    As of August 2013, Game Of thrones Ascent is still in Beta. This means there may be frequent changes to the game and there will be bugs, glitches, lags and display errors. Bugs are always to be expected in every game regardless of platform.

    Here are some of the current known issues with the games, followed by their temporary workarounds. You can use CTRL + F or CMD + F to search for keywords.

    To resolve this, simply clear your cookies and cache. To do this, press CTRL, Shift & Delete while using your browser and follow the simple steps. Then restart your browser (not your whole computer, that's unnecessary).

    This is most likely a display error. Your gold is actually on your account but the balance says you have 0.

    1. First, try clicking on the g…

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  • Scottster88

    Hey there fellow GoTA Wikians!

    I'll keep this "blog" short and sweet - When adding in Silver prices for units, boons, weapons and armour, please bear in mind that the silver total actually depends on your upgrades!

    Therefore the silver prices vary depending on how upgraded and which upgrades the player has on their buildings. For example, if they have all 4 of the Molten Metal building upgrades in the Smithy, then the cost of producing Battle Weapon is reduced by 12%.

    A newbie player for example will likely not have all 4 Molten Metal upgrades in their Smithy, therefore the prices will be different to them - and they will edit the wiki accordingly because to them the wiki appears wrong. I would suggest that the original base value be entered int…

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