How to Make a Screenshot in Windows 7

Have you ever been asked by support to make a Screenshot of something to send to them or post on the forum to help them see what you are seeing on your screen?  Well, if you are on Windows 7 there is a handy program built in to do this.  It is called the Snipping tool and here is how you use it. 

1.  Open Snipping Tool from your programs

Make sure you have what you want to take a screenshot of up on your screen. Click on your start button and go to All Programs.  Find the Folder named Accessories.  Under here you will see a program called "Snipping Tool."  Click on it and and a little box will pop up and grey everything else out. 

2.  Take a "Snip" of the screen

The default for the snipping screen is a rectangular snip.  Take your mouse and and left click in the corner of what you want to screenshot.  While holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse to the opposite corner of what you want to "snip."  After you have a box around what you want let go of the left button on the mouse.  A box will pop up showing what you just "snipped."

3.  Save file

After this box pops up, you can click on the Disk Icon to save the file.  You can now upload it to the forum or send it to support.

4.  Other info

You can also click on the down arrow besides New and choose a free form snip, a whole window snip or full screen snip.  I would recommend the rectangular snip for most things since this will keep from having any thing else on your screen show up.  If you do the whole screen and you have your email up in another tab or your bank information, this is now shown to everyone who can see the picture once you post. 

To see this with pictures for now please go to the forum thread

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