How to Make an Sworn Sword Permanent

Since the Item Enhancement Update on Tuesday September 24th there have been a lot of questions as to “How do I make a Sworn Sword permanent?”  If you are anything like me you are a visual person as opposed to just reading it and being able to do it.  So here is a brief rundown on ways to make a Sworn Sword Permanent.

1. Select the Sworn Sword

  • Click on your Keep Icon or select any Sworn Sword from right of page
  • Click through the different pages till you find the Sworn Sword you want to make permanent.
  • Click on the Sworn Sword you want to make permanent and notice that the bar is Silver at the moment.

2. Make Item Permanent

  • Flip the Card over to look at the back by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner.
  • To Make a Sworn Sword Permanent you must unlock a Seal Slot since you can not rename them.
      • Please be aware that each slot costs Gold.  Unlocking any slot DOES NOT UNLOCK any other slot!  To unlock this Sworn Sword totally it will cost 48G for me.   To unlock a Seal slot click on the "Unlock" button in Gold.  You do not have to attach a seal at this moment if you do not want to.
  • The bar across the card will now be gold and say permanent.

3. Sworn Sword is now Permanent

Flip the card back over to see the Seal Slots you can fill.  Notice the Gold Bar behind the Seal Slots.  This indicates the Sworn Sword is permanent, even if it does not say "Permenent" in the description on the front of the card.   Please make sure to recall all your Sworn Swords before you reincarnate.  If they are on patrol they will be using your Command Points and you will not be able to progress through the Prologue until they are done which can be up to 7 days. 

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