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Polls are one of the features that can be made available in Wikia wikis. This is a quick tutorial on how to use them.


  • In Edit mode for an article page, change the tab at the top of the editor from Visual to Source (if you can't see this tab, it means that you're already in Source Mode).
  • Add your content for your page.

  • Find the place on the page where you want to add a Poll.
  • Enter the following code, and replace it with the content of your poll:
Title of poll
Choice 1
Choice 2


Which House is your favourite to play in GoTA?

  • Finally, click Publish! You're done! Now anyone can see and vote in your poll.


Which House is your favourite to play in GoTA?

The poll was created at 12:02 on May 17, 2013, and so far 996 people voted.

How does it work?

Votes are registered under either your username or, if you're not logged in, your IP address. This means the poll does not take a reliable count of unique individuals, and it should not be used for important purposes.

Users can change their vote at any time.

The poll will display the number and percentage of votes for each choice, the total number of votes given so far, and the date and time when the poll was created.

It is not possible to end, i.e. to 'freeze', a poll. All polls last indefinitely. To reset all votes, change either the title or one of the poll's choices (which will, in effect, create a new poll).

Since it's so easy to change and reset polls, past poll results can easily be lost. Reverting to the version prior to the reset may allow you to reclaim the information, but you should not rely on this functionality. If historical polls are important to you, it is safest to record the results in some other form of wiki-text, either one time or at intervals.

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