I've been investigating playing GoTA through other interfaces, and in my case that means other than through Facebook . This was partially to see if I could play it on my mobile phone (I have an iPhone), and partially as research for the Wiki...

First I tried playing through Kongregate , where I discovered that while GoTA is created using html5, Kongregate publishes it in Flash... WHY!!!! WHY DO THEY DO THIS???!!!!

On the up side, there is no annoying Facebook advertising, no Facebook notifications to tell you about how someone has tagged you in something that they've posted or how someone has responded to something that you made a comment on... You just get to play without interruptions.

At first, Kongregate forced me to start a new game, despite taking the time to sync my account with my Facebook Account. This was sub obtimal for me. But just as I became to like the idea of having an alternate game, Kongregate finally decided to sync my game with my Facebook game... Oh well.

Then, with much thanks to Elizabeth Stark, I have discovered about playing GoTA not through Facebook or Kongregate but through Disruptor Beam directly.

I cannot express my bliss highly enough!

It is the game, the whole game, and nothng but the game. Every part of your browser is just the game

  • No Zynga Ad Bar - not that I had that before since Adblock is awesome, but now I don't have lost screen realestate above my game.
  • No Facebook Ads off to the right of the game
  • No Facebook Notifications
  • No Kongreagate Ads

Just the game!

At first, it was a bit awkward syncing the game with my Facebook game. For some reason it took a few attempts of resending the link to my email and trying to get it all to work, but once it did.... To quote Mr Takei... Oh My!!! It's SO worth it!

So, if you're yet to experience the game in the purity of Disruptor Direct (as I am now going to call it), give it a go. For me, it's the only way to play!

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