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  1. Go to the "Account" Section of the Game in the Main Menu
  2. There you will see your Account ID (also called a Thorium ID)

Once you know someone's Account number, you can add them to your game (or they can add you to their game), by using a "Friend Request Link" for your relevant Platform (eg. If I'm clicking on your link, I would use the one for my Platform, not yours).

By adding the Account ID to end of the following URLs, the person clicking on the link will send a Raven to the person that plays the character attached to that Account ID. Then it's up to them to decide if they want to accept the Friend Request.

  • Armor Games Players use:
  • Disruptor Beam and Mobile Device Players use:
  • Facebook Players use:
  • Kongregate Players use:

And VOILA! You now have a link that you can share with people in on your Userpage or in the Forums to add play with them in the game, without having to Friend them in Facebook first.

Best of all, this link will also work for players across all platforms, including people playing in Armor Games , FacebookKongregate, and on mobile devices. So now we can all be friends with each other, regardless of which platform we use.


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