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  • Psi.Adrian.GL

    Renaming your items!

    October 2, 2013 by Psi.Adrian.GL

    Like most of you, i'm experimenting with the rename option on items and enjoying it. But i'm experiencing some language issues and maybe any of you could help me. Let's see, I recently acquired a Hidden Chainmail from a Boss Challenge and I want to rename it... what would be the proper name for it? Two options:

    • Wolf's Blood Soaked Chainmail
    • Chainmail Soaked in Wolf Blood

    As someone non English native I didn't know where to expose this question. So here's this page!

    So what are you naming your items? Do you need some ideas? Do you want to show yours here? Do you have any questions? Let's share those creative and funny names for your items and companions!

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  • Psi.Adrian.GL

    White Raven Post

    July 16, 2013 by Psi.Adrian.GL

    Hello lads and lasses!

    The White Raven has spoken! Pay attention carefully, you might learn something...

    There are always people in the official forums and here in the Wikia asking for which premium talents and Building Upgrades they should unlock with  first - see priorities for  in the Hints and Tips page. Although I think it's something personal that depends on which Fealty you have and the way you play (if you prefer having  or if you hate waiting for your crafts, etc) maybe some of you can give a piece of advice here or at least your opinion about the matter. So i'm going to share what I think is valuable information:

    • One of the most useful talents to unlock imo is Money Chests. This talent not only increases your incoming per hour but also…

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