13 August 2013: a lovely freebie (well almost free) is available to all!

Last weeks update to fix (some of) the bonus goal bugs broke an important part of the game. Player vs Player was unavailable from Friday the 9th till Monday the 12th (yes, it is really fixed, clear your cache if it still doesn't work for you)  and as a result many players were twarthed on their long and arduous grind towards the Obsidian Dagger . Much whining (understandable) in chat, on the DBforums and even here on the Wiki was the result.

What many of these players, and just about everybody else, seems to have missed is a lovely gesture made in this same update: For enduring the buggy bonus goals, the equally desirable Valyrian Steel Dagger has been made available for next to no cost. Before Friday the requirements for this lovely dagger made it unobtainable for anyone still in the process of reincarnating: besides the 90% alignment and 500 PvP wins, you needed all 5 fealty houses to be able to claim this thing of beauty. All the requirements, save the 90% alignment requirement, have been taken away. This dagger can now be claimed by anyone having an (any!) alignment at 90%.

This is the spoiler part, it explains how to claim the dagger if you have not reached Volume I - chapter 11 (epilogue) yet. Do not read if you want to play the game at the pace it is made available to you.


To claim the dagger if you have an alignment at 90%, but are not on the right chapter yet - i.e. the 'next' button at the bottom of your current chapter is greyed out, can't be clicked - you will have to skip ahead to Volume II - chapter 1. From there you can use the 'prev' (previous) button to leaf back through your lore book. One click will land you right in Vol I - chapter Epilogue where you can claim your bonus item immediately. 

Happy claiming!   (And while you are clicking that previous button, why not leaf back further through your book to see what else you can now claim since Friday.)

I would like to take this opportunity to remind visitors on the Wiki that everybody here is like you: not a developer, not affiliated to this game. Putting energy in complaining here will nett you 0 positive results. 

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