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Lady Maya Moon

The Swords of Whisperwind

Silent Sister
A brutal attack on Whisperwind during the Valyrian conflict left many swords dead. Let us take a moment to remember those we have lost:

Tricky Minisa Hunter ... Shyra Waynwood ... Kind Visenya Harclay ... Madam Wynafryd Vance ... Missandei Tallheart ... Merianne Karstark ... Joyeuse Mooton ... Ser Edmund Stokeworth ... Ulmer Rykker

While assisting an ally in Dorne with espionage, several more brave swords were felled: Sneaky Val Hightower ... Myria Vance ... Mylenda Hollard ... Gyles Ironmaker ... Shagwell Banefort ... Melessa mo Nakloz

A practice battle in the Stormlands resulted in the death of Savage Halmon Heddle.

Savage Perianne Blacktyde was felled in the Vale.

During the Eventide battle in the Westerlands, House Moon lost Wary Lambert Harclay and Timmet Saan.

The largest loss in battle occurred in Dorne during the Storm battles. Lady Moon personally attended every funeral for her fallen soldiers.

Battle Icon








Sworn Sword Male Dothraki

Deadly Kromm Errol

Sworn Sword Male Water Dancer

Luwin Mullendore

Male Battle 03

Savage Werlag Blackwood

Sworn Sword Female Dark 02

Elizabel Penrose

Male Dark Fighter 1

Amory Errol

Sworn Sword Female Groom

Leona Saan

Female Battle 04

Catelyn Storm

Female Wildling

Chayle Halfhand

Sworn Sword Male Scruffy Squire

Bracken Peckledon

Female Battle 03

Alannys Crane

Male battle 02

Halmon Slynt

Sworn Sword Male Chivalrous Knight

Morrec Sunglass

Male Battle 04

Cutjack Rivers

Female Battle 02

Jyana Manderly

Sworn Sword Male Heavily Scared

Oberyn Drumm

Sworn Sword Female Dorn

Drey Sand

Male Battle 05

Paul Gower

Male Battle 01

Torwald Mott

Male battle 06

Torghen Poole

Female battle 06

Mariya Dayne

Female battle 05

Berena Yarwyck

Sworn Sword Female In Full Plate

Mariya Reed

Sworn Sword Male Kingsguard

Raymun Mott

Male Grizzled Veteran

Balman Lefford

Trade Icon








Sworn Sword Female Tavern Wench

Carolei Duur

Sworn Sword Male Trade 01

Gevin Stout

Sworn Sword Female Exotic Dress

Tanda Tumitis

Female Trade 04

Della Blackwood

Sworn Sword Portly Male Merchant

Harrion Harclay

Female Trade 03

Annara Jordane

Female trade 02

Alerie Dondarrion

Male Dark 01

Jory Sheepstealer

Male Trade 04

Pykewood Mott

Sworn Sword Male Summer Island Merchant

Haegon Tallheart

Sworn Sword Male Actor

Harwen Tremond

Sworn Sword Male Dark Fighter 2

Farmer Blackfyre

Sworn Sword Male Bard

Herbert Dalt

Male Merchant Captain

Marric Reed

Male Trade 03

Edwyle Marbrand

Sworn Sword Female Sharp Merchant

Anya Corbray

Female Trade 01

Wynafryd Trant

Female trade 06

Merianne Mullendore

Sworn Sword Female Noble Smiling

Morya Estermont

Sworn Sword Female Hearty Innkeeper

Taisha Blackfyre

Male Trade 05

Imry Foote

Sworn Sword Female Artisan

Jhiqui Norrey

Female Trade 05

Elizabel Umber

Male trade 06

Gorold Sheepstealer

Intrigue Icon








Sworn Sword Female Intrigue 01

Shani Peckledon

Female Intrigue 03

Cyrenna Snow

Sworn Sword Female Sly Thief

Wynafrei Su

Male Intrigue 03

Marq Vance

Female Intrigue 02

Adhidanna Hightower

Sworn Sword Female Dark Court Attendant

Jocasta Leek

Sworn Sword Female Septa

Edmie Rambton

Male Intrigue 04

Regenard Mooton

Female Intrigue 04

Ami Snow

Sworn Sword Male Intrigue 01

TomToo Glover

Sworn Sword Young Female Court Attendant

Desmera Stormborn

Male Intrigue 02

Rollam Harlaw

Male Nightswatch

Willit Sevenstreams

Female Dark Spy 1

Olenna Duur

Female Intrigue 05

Tarah Tumitis

Sworn Sword Female Camp Follower

Joyeuse Mooton

Sworn Sword Male Former Septon

Hallis Quaynis

Male intrigue 05

Skittrick Hoat

Male intrigue 06

Grigg Su

Sworn Sword Female Old

Rona Stackspear

Sworn Sword Female Court Gossip

Sarella Blackfyre

Female intrigue 06

Jayne Stone

Sworn Sword Male Pickpocket

Kromley Hightower

Sworn Sword Male Shifty Saboteur

Morrec Rivers

Still Seeking

Male Lazy Courtier Female Battle 01 Male Trade 02

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