• Orys Lothston

    Adding new quests

    March 30, 2015 by Orys Lothston

    There's no definitive way of adding new quests. I'm going to describe how I do it and also mention some of the other options available. Hopefully contributors will find this helpful. Obviously this also applies to adding any new content and not just quests.


    • I screenshot all story content I'm going to add, rather than trying to type it as I play. I use the windows 7 snipping tool (see tutorial here[[1]]) and sort it into folders for each questline:
    • Then name each quest and variants in order so I can check back later and see what went where: (I'm running two accounts so I have different versions of quests)

    Making the questline page

    • Next step is to create the questline category page. I do this by editing the previous one, copying it, …

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  • Orys Lothston

    To reincarnate you need to complete all the quests in volume I. The quests you see will depend on your fealty, your background and sometimes your choices as well. The tabs below show the quests you will need to complete:

    There are three questlines to complete in volume I:

    • Kirth questline - these quests follow Kirth around Westeros and tie into the story found in Game of Thrones season I.
    • Neighbouring Nobles - these quests deal with the conflicts you face with your neighbours, jealous of your new noble status.
    • Your Holdings - these quests involve the decisions you must make as a new lord and how they affect your people.

    As you can see from the questlines above, they are of unequal length. Without using bread you would expect to finish the Your H…

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