This blog post is intended to provide a running list of shared document links I have either created or gathered over time.  I hope this will allow players to print reference sheets for personal use, or even provide reference material for Wiki contributors has new pages are constructed.  There also may be a few helpful online resources, such as the Resource Calculator.

08/29/2013 - My apologies for how brief the list is at the moment.  Much of my material was scattered between several sites.  One of my current projects is to consolidate my links into one list.  I also need to upload a few files to Google Docs to better facilitate sharing.  There are also a few docs which need updating.  I hope to expand this list as time and availability permits.

09/04/2013 - I just finished my Items Calculator, and have uploaded it to Google Docs.  You will need MS Excel or something compatible, and you will need to download the file in order to use it.  Google Docs does not have the capability to perform the database functions in this file. Once downloaded and opened, a button should appear for "Enable Editing".  Make sure you do so, otherwise the Item Calculator will not work.  It needs permission to change cell values in order to display the item stats and bonuses. 

09/06/2013 - Added the SS Calculator created and shared by Orys Lothston.

03/12/2014 - Created separate links for the two versions of the SS Calculator, and included Orys Lothston's most recent update to his personal version.

09/28/2014 - Added Tiber Septim's Comprehensive Workbook.  Updated the link for Orys Lothston's most recent version of the SS Calculator.  I've also added the GoTA Craft It site to the list.

10/07/2014 - Added Itenion's GoTA Player Tools.

Prefixes and Suffixes for Item Production results (adapted from Typopanther's list)

Buy/Sell silver values for all Equipment and Units in game

Building Info:  Maximum Stats, Upgrades, Construction Times

Adventure Information (from Simchajra)

Digioso's Resource Calculator for Item Production

Craftable Items and Improved Results Calculator

My "User-Friendly" Revision of Orys Lothston's Sworn Sword Calculator

Warning: This version needs an update to the item and seal lists to include many newer and premium items.  As of 09/28/2014, this version is in need of updating.  If anyone has updated it on their own, please share it with me so I can share it with other players.

Orys Lothston's Current Version of his Sworn Sword Calculator 

Tiber Septim's Comprehensive Workbook

GoTA Craft It!

Itenion's GoTA Player's Tools

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