What I do before every RI.

In a few instances I have been asked what I do before I RI.

Besides for needing to complete Volume 1

  • I play all the quests at the same time to boost so that I can reach level 200 according to my speed levelling guide for the 5 gold, these RI’s takes about 7 days granting another 5 gold for the daily login. Then this is what else I do.
  • I play Volume 4 to near its end, since it gives you a choice reward of a Night’s Watch seal , which gives 3 to battle, trade or intrigue and then 1% speed as well to battle, trade or intrigue. Worth 11 gold.
  • Volume 5 gives you a choice reward for a companion that’s already permanent like the two daggers and the handkerchief. Worth 23 gold
  • I do the Breaking  ties volume as far as I can , it gives you a peerless seal choice , Quuen Nymeria, Lan the Clever or Bran the Builder’s Mark, as well and it’s like the nights watch seal, giving 6 to either battle, trade or intrigue, plus 1% to either of those attacks and 1% speed, worth 15 gold
  • Then Forging bonds quests gives you two seal of fourteen flames that is very helpful for tales, worth 11 gold each, so that’s another 22.   These Seals are obtained as rewards for Boss fights you complete.

Then while playing Breaking Ties, Volume 5, Volume 6 and Forging Bonds they give you choice rewards for incense, take them, they give you two offering choices, take them, that way you can try twice to quicken your live dragon egg, plus playing those volumes also gives you choice rewards for the Hefty broadsword, choose them, then you will get the option to choose valyrian glyphs, choose those, now every time you have three hefty broadsword, make one masterwork greatsword in smithy. Get your AP to do Volume 1 Level 150 adventure to get Remnants of Jason's Sword shard, once you have it you can try twice to craft it with the masterwork greatsword and the valyrian glyphs.

  •  2x Offerings can be obtained from Volume 6 and Volume Breaking Ties
  • Valyrian Glyphs can be obtained from Volume 4, Forging Bonds, Volume 5, Breaking Ties and Volume 6.
  • The Hefty Broadswords are obtained from Volume 5, Breaking Ties and Volume 6
  • Incense can be obtained from a number of Volumes but you will likely make your target through Boss Fights, several gives them.

Please not that there are numerous other items obtainable for you, this is just a short list of what i go after.

Refer to this guide for a more pecific view on decent seals that can be obtained , it is another one of my guides

One of them being Seal of the Seven that can be obtained in Forging Bonds Chapter 18's one Boss Fight.

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