Sworn Sword Experience Boosting

Training Sworn Swords is a tedious job, but for those that cant outfit every SS with Peerless gear , training them might be the next best thing, there are various items out there to help boost your Sworn Swords Experience gain.

  • First off, it is best to equip these equipment on your main character, that way all your SS gains the boost, but it will cost you your speed or attack, so it is suggested that you do this when you have nothing else planned.
  • Doing this during Tales is a good idea, since most players are focused on Tales, and only the SS in the Tale counts for the Tale so replacing your main Characters gear for Experience boost is suggested here.
  • Now the passives are as follow, it will either grant xp on specific attacks such as Battle,  or Trade, which includes their subcategories like Battle has Fight, Aid and Harass, Intrigue has Spy, Sabotage and Steal. 
  • The some such as Arya's Broom grants experience on anything, whether it is Battle attacks, through adventures or AvA, it will grant bonus experience on any action.
  • Now listed will be several different items that grants bonus xp, i have done this so that you can take a look at options, gold gear is expensive and not everyone can afford to buy everything there is, so you might have something that can benefit you ,saving you to buy something new.
  • Having more items that grants Xp is a good thing, besides for putting the best ones on your main character, equip the others on your favorite SS to boost their levels faster.
  • The Three Attack Talent tree's all have a premium talent for 10 gold that also increases Xp gain, it can be found under Battle, Aid, Trade, Bribe and Intrigue, Steal, once 8 points has been invested tah too will grant 8% bonus Xp on that class's attacks.

There are several items you can use for this, I will only list a few from general to each class.

Hand Item:

General Items:

Arya’s Broom

19,19,19 & 3% more SS Xp

Sam's Broadsword

40,0,0 & 5% more SS Xp

Lord Mormont's Longclaw

44,0,0 & 4% more SS Xp

Lightnringer, Red Sword of Heroes

41,41,41 & 4% more SS Xp

Jason's Reforged Sword

21,21,21 & 5% more SS Xp

Gendry's Sword

25,25,25 & 3% more SS Xp

Book of Brothers ( can only be obtained from Quarter master)

27,27,27 & 5% more SS Xp

Story of the First Men

0,24,45 & 3% more SS Xp

Battle Item:

Ice, Sword of the North

50,0,0 & 6% more SS Xp on Battle Attacks

The Father's Scales

33,0,34 & 4% more SS Xp on Battle Attacks

Trade Item:

Ser Barristan's Dagger

34,34,0 & 5% more SS Xp on Trade Attacks

Golden Hand of the KingSlayer

0,50,0 & 6% more SS Xp on Trade Attacks

Bran the Builder's Hammer

34,35,0 & 4% more SS Xp on Trade Attacks

Intrigue Item:

Bael the Bard's Lute

0,34,35 & 4% more SS XP on Intrigue Attacks

Spear of Oberyn, the Red Viper

0,0,50 & 6% more SS Xp on Intrigue Attacks

Body Item:

General Item:

Brienne's Harrenhall Dress

33,33,0 & 6% more SS Xp

Arya's Training Robes

34,0,34 & 4% more SS Xp

Battle Item:

The Hound's Armor

44,0,0 & 3% more SS Xp on Battle Attacks

Khal Drogo's Leathers

45,0,0 & 4% more SS Xp on Battle Attack

Trade Item:

Dany's Dothraki Wedding Dress

0,44,0 & 3% more SS Xp on Trade Attacks

Xaro's Robes

0,45,0 & 4% more SS Xp on Trade Attacks

Intrigue Item:

Mhysa's Ivory Dress

0,0,44 & 4% more SS Xp on Intrigue Attacks

Aeron Damphair's Robes

0,0,45 & 4% more SS Xp on Intrigue Attacks


General Item:

Stark Septa

0,22,22 & 3% more SS Xp

Sparrow Septa

0,21,22 & 4% more SS Xp


0,35,35 & 4% more SS Xp

Braavosi Pigeon

0,25,0 & 3% more SS Xp

Battle Item:

Trade Item:

Intrigue Item:


Jon Arryn's Insignia

4,0,0 & 1% more SS Xp

Maester Aemon's Insignia

0,3,3 & 1% more SS Xp