• MGRza

    In a few instances I have been asked what I do before I RI.

    Besides for needing to complete Volume 1

    • I play all the quests at the same time to boost so that I can reach level 200 according to my speed levelling guide for the 5 gold, these RI’s takes about 7 days granting another 5 gold for the daily login. Then this is what else I do.
    • I play Volume 4 to near its end, since it gives you a choice reward of a Night’s Watch seal , which gives 3 to battle, trade or intrigue and then 1% speed as well to battle, trade or intrigue. Worth 11 gold.
    • Volume 5 gives you a choice reward for a companion that’s already permanent like the two daggers and the handkerchief. Worth 23 gold
    • I do the Breaking  ties volume as far as I can , it gives you a peerless sea…
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  • MGRza

    • As you all know, we get Experience for completing Quests, Boss Fights and PtP actions.
    • Below will be some gear you can equip onto your character and SS to boost your experience gain.
    • Special note, a SS that has Character Xp boost gear on wont grant any Xp on actions that doesn’t grant Xp to your Character, so ensure your PtP SS, your Quest SS and Boss Fighters has these items equipped.

    Countessa Handkerchief

    19,19,19 & 4% more Character Xp

    Jon Snow's Armor, Lord Commander

    41,41,41 & 4% more Character Xp on Attacks

    The Old Bear's Armor

    24,24,24 & 3% more Character Xp on Attacks

    The Silent Kingsgaurd Armor

    50,0,0 & 6% more Character Xp on Battle Attacks

    Ancient Chainmail (can be evolved to grant better stats and passives)

    50,0,0 & 3% more Character Xp o…

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  • MGRza

    Training Sworn Swords is a tedious job, but for those that cant outfit every SS with Peerless gear , training them might be the next best thing, there are various items out there to help boost your Sworn Swords Experience gain.

    • First off, it is best to equip these equipment on your main character, that way all your SS gains the boost, but it will cost you your speed or attack, so it is suggested that you do this when you have nothing else planned.
    • Doing this during Tales is a good idea, since most players are focused on Tales, and only the SS in the Tale counts for the Tale so replacing your main Characters gear for Experience boost is suggested here.
    • Now the passives are as follow, it will either grant xp on specific attacks such as Battle, …

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  • MGRza

    This guide is different from the one I wrote helping speed up Reincarnation, this guide is here to help you show what items will maximize speed in different areas.

    • Faster Attacks means, Faster attacks, from any of the 9 categories such as Fight, Barter, Spy and so forth and on all actions such as Quests, Adventures, AvA and PtP.
    • Then the speed up grants that states faster Trade attacks applies the same as above but only under Trade categories such as Barter, Swindle and Bribe, the same goes for Faster Battle and Intrigue attacks, but only under their categories.
    • Another thing to keep in mind, each class such as Fight, Bribe, Spy , Aid and so on has a talent that can be given 8 point increasing that class’s attack speed by 24% in the end.
    • Then …

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  • MGRza

    Resource Farming

    May 12, 2016 by MGRza

    When mass crafting one easily runs out of certain resources whether you have all the fealty buildings running on producing crafting materials or not, it gets especially difficult when you have the multiplier where you craft more than one of certain items, below I will give a few brief tips on how to increase resource materials.

    This link directs you to the Adventure rewards page ,displaying which adventure drops what including drop rates.

    Tully Fealty, Talent, Harvest

    2% faster resource completion time for resources, can be upgraded 8 times, ending at 16%.

    Attack Speed Talents

    Each of the nine categories have a talent where you can invest 8 points into it giving you a total of 24% faste…

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