Why to Play Game of Thrones: Ascent?

This is my first attempt to crate a blog, in which I try to sum up why should anyone play this game, other than simply ask back "Why not?".

First of all, it is a role-playing game with strategy, and I am among the people who like this genre of games. Secondly, it has good graphics and music. Moreover, it builds upon the remarkable world of Westeros, depicted in the books and TV series - not an idealised fairyland setting, but a rather harsh and realistic place, where Good and Bad are not at all obvious.

Then comes the fact that it is a free flash-game, can be played from anywhere with Internet access; and it does not take ages to load. Unfortunately, bugs and crashes are quite common though.

It is also nice that it can be played seriously or just for fun - it is not a game that can be completely ruined by others if you are just a casual player and do not intend to log in every hour. Still, despite the fact that the game has many timers and many quests taking hours to complete, it is not as slow as you may think. You just have to discover how to play it well...

The game definitely has a nice atmosphere. Part of the feeling comes from the game itself, but even more comes from the fantastic community, the other players themselves: friends, alliance mates, people you establish pacts with...

Did I leave anything out? Please feel free to comment.  

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