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  • Lord Dithay

    This is a guide addressed to new Lords and Ladies who started to play Game of Thrones Ascent recently and made the wise decision to join the mighty alliance WESTHEROES. It was written to help people from the early steps to midgame, before they become experts themselves and develop their own gaming style. If you are a beginner yourself, please do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments. However, if you are a professional, please do not start to edit or comment even if you strongly disagree with any or some of the hints below - thanks!

    So, you probably read the books and enjoyed the movies and then found out about this online game. (If you have not read / watched, I suggest doing so.) You created a Lord or Lady to become a banner(wo)man…

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  • Lord Dithay

    Razorgirl wrote not so long ago that Disruptor Beam is interested in GotA Wiki. Let's hope a game developer - or at least someone who has a say in the game - picks up some of the issues I outine here. Feel free to comment. Actually, I am looking forward to some heavy debate...

    A few things that could be modified/corrected probably with little effort; nevertheless, improving the enjoyability of the game:

    • "Back To Square One": In several windows, after clicking on your option, you will not be taken to the previous window, but to the very beginning of that section. For example, if you have 12 Sworn Swords, and you send Sworn Sword #11 on an Adventure, you will be redirected to the first page with Sworn Swords, showing your first five, and not #1…

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  • Lord Dithay

    Let's assume you have read all the stuff on reincarnation, assessed all the pros and contras and decided to go through it when the time comes. Here is my advice what to do.

    Most things you now have, or will have before reincarnation, is temporary. Unless you are willing to buy permanent items and sworn swords with Gold, that is.

    • You do not need (non-permanent) Peerless or Legendary Sworn Swords - you need many cheap ones, preferrably Common. You want to do many Quests, Adventures and probably Player to Player Actions simultaneously.
    • You do not need a variety of buildings and skills - you only need to be good in one or two things. It is a good idea to make use of your (first) Fealty Talent. For example, if you are Stark, you could concentrate …

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  • Lord Dithay

    "Never! I am Stark for life!" - you could say, for example. But should you? This post may help you decide.

    First of all, let me say that those people who read this blog post may already be experts on reincarnation, or at least have made up their mind. So it probably will only help a few people, but still...

    There are many good guides, comment questions and posts cover various aspects of reincarnation. However, the fundamental question is sometimes not addressed: "should I undergo?".

    This is a personal choice; and to "test" your personality, try to answer the questions below:

    1. Would I like to play this game in 3 (6 or even 12) months?
    2. Am I ready to sacrifice my short term goals for my long term ones?
    3. Am I willing to try playing for different Great H…

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  • Lord Dithay

    This is my first attempt to crate a blog, in which I try to sum up why should anyone play this game, other than simply ask back "Why not?".

    First of all, it is a role-playing game with strategy, and I am among the people who like this genre of games. Secondly, it has good graphics and music. Moreover, it builds upon the remarkable world of Westeros, depicted in the books and TV series - not an idealised fairyland setting, but a rather harsh and realistic place, where Good and Bad are not at all obvious.

    Then comes the fact that it is a free flash-game, can be played from anywhere with Internet access; and it does not take ages to load. Unfortunately, bugs and crashes are quite common though.

    It is also nice that it can be played seriously or …

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