Fav Fealty Talents

This is a personal quick & dirty table of most useful fealty talents. I didn't bother writing descriptions, so for anyone reading this use a little bit of logic (armor - speed means production etc.).

Speed Chance Silver
Companion Icon  unit +16% Stark Shield +16% Baratheon Shield -16% Lannister Shield Gold Icon
Battle Icon  weapon +16% Martell Shield +16% Targaryen Shield -16% Lannister Shield
Body Icon  armor +16% Tyrell Shield +16% Martell Shield -16% Lannister Shield
Sworn Sword Icon  sworn sword +24% Stark Shield / -16% Tyrell Shield Gold Icon
Quest City Icon  quest +24% Martell Shield Gold Icon / +24% Targaryen Shield Gold Icon
Talent Adventures Journeyman Adventurers  adventure +24% Greyjoy Shield / /
Feast Banners Upgrade  PtP / / +24% Greyjoy Shield Gold Icon
Food Icon Lg  consumables   +8% Tyrell Shield / /
Grains  resources +16% Tully Shield / /
Keep  buildings +16% Stark Shield Gold Icon / -24% Baratheon Shield Gold Icon

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