A vaguely organised checklist of "things to do" to quicken/hatch a Dragon Egg.
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Buildings to Upgrade

Building Quickening Hatching
Smithy Level 0: Smithy n/a
Embassy Level 0: Embassy n/a
Market Level 1: Cloth Stall n/a
Sept Level 11: Altar ot the Stranger Gold Icon n/a
Godswood Level 7: Heart Tree Leaves Level 8: Pool Gold Icon
R'hollor Temple Level 11: Statue of Azor Ahai Gold Icon n/a
Holdfast n/a Level 0: Holdfast
Shipyard n/a Level 6: Dry Dock
Mine n/a Level 11: Worker's Tools
Reliquary n/a Level 11: Dragon Skull
Glasshouse Level 11 Topiary n/a
Arbor Level 11: Grape Press Gold Icon Level 11: Grape Press Gold Icon
Hunting Lodge n/a Level 11: Cleaning and Skinning Station
Feast n/a Level 11: Flagons of Drink
Armory Level 6: Rounded Shields Level 7: Body Armor
Alchemists' Guild n/a Level 11: Transmutation Chamber

Things to Adventure For

For a single attempt: For a single attempt:

Things to Craft

For a single attempt: For a single attempt:



From above, craft:

From above, craft:



One more Pyre:

Crafting options:

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