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  • GhostWolfe

    Ghost's Hatching Notes

    August 25, 2015 by GhostWolfe

    A vaguely organised checklist of "things to do" to quicken/hatch a Dragon Egg.
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    Building Quickening Hatching
    Smithy Level 0: Smithy n/a
    Embassy Level 0: Embassy n/a
    Market Level 1: Cloth Stall n/a
    Sept Level 11: Altar ot the Stranger n/a
    Godswood Level 7: Heart Tree Leaves Level 8: Pool
    R'hollor Temple Level 11: Statue of Azor Ahai n/a
    Holdfast n/a Level 0: Holdfast
    Shipyard n/a Level 6: Dry Dock
    Mine n/a Level 11: Worker's Tools
    Reliquary n/a Level 11: Dragon Skull
    Glasshouse Level 11 Topiary n/a
    Arbor Level 11: Grape Press Level 11: Grape Press
    Hunting Lodge n/a Level 11: Cleaning and Skinning Station
    Feast n/a Level 11: Flagons of Drink
    Armory Level 6: Rounded Shiel…

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  • GhostWolfe

    A little something to fill the emptiness of this blog space.

    The moon had set hours ago, but the sun wouldn't be up for some time. The only light was that from the stars and the banked embers that glowed faintly in the hearth. Despite the chill, the heavy velvet curtains were open and the air was crisp and clean, smelling faintly of pine needles.

    She stirred as her paramour pushed back the soft furs that served better than any blanket crafted by the hands of men, stretching her legs until her toes found a cool spot. His back was a shadowy form in the dark as he untied his long hair, roughly combing his walnut tresses with large, blunt fingers before binding the low ponytail once more.

    Leaning forward, he snagged his breeches from where they h…

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