Leader: Queen Novara Luna

  • Hand:
  • Lord Commander: Lord Ptroson
  • Master of Ships: Nym Allyrion
  • Master of Challenges: Phedre Delaunay
  • Keeper of Ways: Ryelle Farwynd


  • Officer Storm Bani
  • Officer
  • Officer Valder Trant
  • Officer Lady Gracetree

Contact Information


Groundhogs Day--We won the Legendary Aegis Shield, hurray! Ladies Star and Poole are in a tie for 21 reins. Our alliance has a baby dragon and several quickened eggs. We are all pretty tired after all of the reins to strengthen our alliance, but we hope to soon be over this particular part of our development as a team. Very glad for a week of rest built into the AvA cycle for now. If anyone would like to join our alliance, we would love to have you. Please contact us at our email address or our website. Faelynne, 4728417 22:37, February 3, 2015 (UTC)

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