We have decided to sit out this AvA until DB makes the game more equitable for all. Our alliance is emerging from a period of intensive reincarnations by many of our strongest players, and so we are still not at full strength. But, we wanted to participate in AvA. While I am certainly not able to explain all of the nuances of how it all should function in gamer terminology, I think that I have an idea what a war ought to look like: We should be fighting our enemies, and we should be working together with our allies against common foes. Furthermore, DB had talked about trying to reduce the amount of attacks on camps that go beyond the point of destruction and death (or pulling out) of all swords.

Instead, the new changes have created a situation where the strongest alliances are building smaller camps while attacking weaker alliances that build up camps the way we used to do. Instead of keeping them from attacking a camp that has been completely destroyed and vacated (farming), it has only increased the likelihood. Meanwhile, the stronger alliances are also asking their weaker allies to attack them, not their enemies, because they gain more from having us attack them. Meanwhile, we gain more from even losing our attacks on our stronger allies than by winning attacks on our enemies. My mind seizes up when it tries to wrap itself around these concepts.

Unfortunately, this has added some additional stress on our alliance so that we have lost some members. On the other hand, we have had new members come in. We have two baby dragons that I know of, and at least five live eggs. We will work to pull together as an alliance so that we will be stronger and more resilient.

R. Farwynd

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