How to create a lineage book (A Step by Step Tutorial):


How to add permanent talents to your lineage book

  • This tutorial tries to explain how to create a lineage book on your profile, it tries to explain the process without any technical or complicated terms
  • NOTE: You can stop at the end of each part and continue later
    (ie. you do not have to do it all in one sitting)
  • If you haven't placed a lineage book on you profile page please do the first part of the tutorial:

Step 1 - opening your profile in source mode

Step 2 - copying the code

  • Copy the following code:
    • (Select all the text in the following box and click Ctrl + C)
|talents={{Lineage/book/talents<!-- start of talents - don't modify this line -->
}}<!-- end of talents - don't modify this line -->

Step 3 - pasting the code

  • Paste the code inside your lineage book after the line that states:
<!-- **   insert talents information after this line   ** -->

Step 4 - adding the talents

  • add the talents in the following order:
|<talent_name> |level# = <#_of_permanent_points>
  • for example:
|talents={{Lineage/book/talents<!-- start of talents - don't modify this line -->
|Hunting Lodge      |level1=1
|Unwavering Loyalty |level2=4
|Bran the Builder   |level3=0
}}<!-- end of talents - don't modify this line -->
  1. the first talent: |Hunting Lodge |level1=1 means that you put 1 permanent talent point into the Hunting Lodge talent, level1 just means it is the first talent listed
  2. the second talent: |Unwavering Loyalty |level2=4 means that you put 4 permanent talent points into the Unwavering Loyalty talent, level2 means it is the second talent listed
  3. the third talent: |Bran the Builder |level3=0 means that you have unlocked the premium talent Bran the Builder with gold but have not put any permanent points into it (0), level3 means it is the third talent listed.

Step 5 - publishing the changes

  • You can now publish the edit you made
    • Do this by clicking the button labeled "Publish" on the top right-hand side of your profile page

What's Next?

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