Here at the GOTA Wiki, we have had some amazing geniuses (I'm looking at you Twentypence, who have made it possible for us to recreate any item's card instead of just having to take a snapshot or a jpg or it. The advantages are that 1st of all we're not copying anything and 2nd we can change it if the stats change in game, like we've seen with Boons. 

In this instance we're going to convert the file Ursa Serene.jpg into an item card 

The information you need to gather is:
  1. Image = Prostitutes.jpg
  2. Quality
  3. Battle
  4. Trade
  5. Intrigue
  6. Special Effect
  7. Text

For part 1 - I happen to know that the red light is the image used for all prostitutes (If you don't have any clue what the image should be - read Adding an Image Through Inspect Element Feature) so I'm going to search photos to make sure I get exactly the right name. From any page - hit the Photo button under add features and media


Type part of the name that you want in the box that comes up next to find. For instance if you only know it's an image of a sword, just type Sword and then hit FindFindImage

Hover over the image you want, and the filename will show up. Make a note of thisFileName

2. From the item in game (or in this case from the jpg, we can gather the rest of the information

3. So this is what we now know. 

  1. Image = Prostitutes.jpg
  2. Quality = Peerless
  3. Battle = 10
  4. Trade = 5
  5. Intrigue = 5
  6. Special Effect = none
  7. Text= A nobleman claims to have heard this beauty is like no other among the brothels of King's Landing

4. When you are on the page where you want to add the item, click the Item Card Puzzle Piece as seen below ItemCard

5. Fill in the information in the white boxes with the information you gathered. I like to have them laid out side by side so it's easily done. (Note: If there's no special effect - just hit the spacebar in that box otherwise your card will say {{Special}})


6. Hit Preview


7. If everythings looks right, hit Ok

8. Hit Preview on your page and you should have the following image 

If you need to add anything else to your page, hit back. Otherwise you can just hit Publish. 

So how did we did, here are the two images side by side:

Screenshot/JPG Created with Item Card Template
Item Card Gold


Item Border Gold

Peerless Gem

Battle Icon 2 10
Trade Icon 2 5
Intrigue Icon 2 5


A nobleman claims to have heard this beauty is like no other among the brothels of King's Landing

  • by the way, we are trying to get peerless items to have a gold outline

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