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    Thanks to the unbelievable work of FMF, Majipoor,Karl-591 and Raz this wiki is the ONLY place where you can recreate the lineage book as shown in game. I know, awesome right!

    So how do I perform this amazing feat? Well I'm going to take you through it step by step, assuming you have basically no knowledge of wikis (Just like I was)

         PDF Version of Tutorial

    If you're pretty comfortable around a wiki, just go to Template:Lineage/book/doc and follow the instructions there.

    Common Definitions:

    • Hover – Hold the body of your mouse over an item without pressing either buttons
    • Click – Press and Release either the left or right mouse button. Use the left mouse button unless told otherwise.
    • Visual Editor – Editing a page in WYSIWYG (what you see is wha…

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    Here at the GOTA Wiki, we have had some amazing geniuses (I'm looking at you Twentypence, who have made it possible for us to recreate any item's card instead of just having to take a snapshot or a jpg or it. The advantages are that 1st of all we're not copying anything and 2nd we can change it if the stats change in game, like we've seen with Boons. 

    In this instance we're going to convert the file Ursa Serene.jpg into an item card 

    The information you need to gather is:

    1. Image = Prostitutes.jpg
    2. Quality
    3. Battle
    4. Trade
    5. Intrigue
    6. Special Effect
    7. Text

    For part 1 - I happen to know that the red light is the image used for all prostitutes (If you don't have any clue what the image should be - read Adding an Image Through Inspect Element Feature) so I'm going…

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    This is the Boss Challenge for the Whispering Wood storyline if you side with the Lannisters in the previous interaction.

    Coding for a choice to be made in a Boss Challenges

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