There are some who would say that you should play Game of Thrones Accent in a certain order. I have some musings about that:

1) Bread takes fish, grains, and wood. So Greyjoy or Baratheon would be places to start. Baratheon is probably better because wood and stone takes time and a lot of things require wood or stone. 

2) Mead takes wood, stone, and grains. Mead makes construction go faster (which is good), but in 30 minute increments.

3) Making a marriage pact with a trusted friend. This is a must if you are quicly leveling through a character. Bacon helps with quests (30 minutes) and ale is a 15 minute construction speedup. The only downside is you have to choose only one per day.

4) You will probably reincarnate, so there is no point trying to reach the bonus goals on your first runthrough. 

5)There is no fealty that makes everything easier, they all have benefits and drawbacks. A lot of fans choose the Starks, Starks seem the most heroic like. Lannisters make things inexpensively Targaryans seem to be the most interesting, Baratheons and Greyjoys are chosen for the reasons in point 1 and 2,

6) Visit the Free Page. Be wary about the boons because they disappear when you reincarnate,

7) There may be other houses coming later (possibly Tully, Martell, Tyrell, and Arryn). 

8) Have fun and don't stress. Remember, this is just a game.

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