Hello there fellow Westerosi, Dothraki, Valyrians, and other distinguished guests and visitors,

There are few things that annoy most wiki admins and gnomes. Some of these things are more personal pet peeves. This may be one of them.

In my travels around this wiki and many others like it, I have come to know and appreciate the unpaid staff and volunteers that freely give thier time for the impriovement of the things they care about. So please remember to thank them every so often. it's not mandatory, but it's rather nice and reassuring to know that we are appreciated.

Now on to the rules of Wikiing.

1. Understanding  the language you're working in. 

Always try to remember what you learned about writing. The basic stuff like spelling and punctuation. It makes things easier to understand and keeps things running pretty smoothly. Nobody will kill you because you mispelled one or two words before submitting, but please be mindful of your work

2. Capitalization

Please remember to use proper capitalization in your titles. This will keep you from having to retype what somebody has already created.

For those of us who don't remember our rules, here is a brief set of rules:
1 - Capitalize the first and last word of your title. (ex: Abduction in the Woods)
2 - Capitalize all nouns, verbs (but not the to if the infinative form), adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and subordinating conjunctions.
3. - NEVER capitalize articles, prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, or the word "to" unless it violates rule 1.

3. Abbriviations

We've all been there: typing out a paper or an article and we come across a name or a phrase that will be used 20 more times in the process of completeing our task. We understand, but reading an abreviation over and over again is like kissing your sister: once or twice is okay. So, unless you're into that thing or are a Targaryan, please don't do it.

4. Creative typing

We've all done it one time or another; we have written or typed something oddly to make it stand out. It's just our creative side trying to escape. The genereal rule of thumb is: if it looks normal to at least 5 other people, then it's probably right. And please, no typing in all caps.

5. Check to see if it's there before you start.

it's easier to modify what there already. Don't go try to build something if it's there already. It saves you time and keeps the gnomes from committing seppuku.

6. Double check your sources. 

Yeah, I know it's easy to just put up something that you think you know is right, but verified information only needs to be entered once.

7. (To be announced)

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