• DuncanOH

    Reincarnation Guide

    July 1, 2013 by DuncanOH

    Hello!  My name is DuncanOH , and this is a guide for those of you who want to take the tips in my Beginners Guide to the next level, and speed through reincarnation after reincarnation to collect all of the fealty buildings, making it possible to hatch a dragon!

    I will divide this guide into Four sections:

    Firstly: Mindset and Priorities
    Secondly: A Quick Walkthrough
    Thirdly: Strategy
    Fourthly:  Items

    How much time should it take per reincarnation?  One or two weeks.  Note that I didn't say one TO two weeks, but one OR two weeks.  Why? Gold.  You get gold every seventh day, and you will need a decent amount of it to get you to full power.  You can (and probably should) spend 20$ (US) to get some helpful things from the shop, but I don't think y…

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  • DuncanOH

    Beginner's Guide

    June 6, 2013 by DuncanOH

    Greetings young Lordling or Lady!My name is DuncanOH, and I would like to give you some direction at the onset of your journey.  I am rather enjoying this game, and am excited about the tie in with a great book and HBO series.  So, let's start you on your journey through Westeros!

    Disclaimer: I might be wrong about some of these things, so if you know a better method or tip, let me know in addition to updating the wiki.

    To play the game, go to Kongregate, Facebook , or the developers page.

    Keep in mind that the game wants you to play it connected to facebook, because it wants you to invite your friends to play with you during the game.  Have no fear, if you don't want to connect things to facebook you can still have friends!

    See the How to Add …

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