• Cynth Wylde

    Reincarnation Devotional

    September 2, 2014 by Cynth Wylde

    By Lord Perros Daxos and Lady Serra Reynes

    This guide is for a player whose strategy is to reincarnate as fast as possible with the goal to get all the Fealty Buildings of Great Houses. It might be useful for other reincarnation strategies too, but keep in mind that purpose of this guide is high speed of the whole reincarnation process.

    Reincarnation is a long process and needs a lot of patience. When you reincarnate, you lose all your non-permanent Sworn Swords, Items, Boons You lose your stats in Battle, Trade and Intrigue and your Command points. Good news is, when you follow this guide, you will not rebirth powerless again and again. (See Page 4 for a more detailed list of what you keep and what you lose during reincarnation.)

    For this gu…

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  • Cynth Wylde

    Boot Camp for Newbies

    September 1, 2014 by Cynth Wylde

    Welcome Northern Lands Bannerman!

    The first thing you must understand here in the practice yard, is that you will not become a warrior in a day, a week or even in a year. It takes training, listening and discipline. However, we are here to help you become the best that you can be. That is, if you are willing. Now pick up your sword...

    As soon as you arrive, send a raven to your leader and introduce yourself. They will want to know your Time zone, Fealty, level and how many times you have reincarnated, if at all. You will then be assigned to an officer and a camp. Go to the chat room and introduce yourself. This is not to embarrass you, but to get to know you and aid you where we can. Every action has a consequence in this very complex, ever-…

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