In an effort to catalogue my work on the wiki, I decided to setup a worklog page where I can document any extensive or important undertakings I perform. This is both for me to track my own work, as well as for administrators and other contributors to easily see at a glance why I might have performed any serious edits (though I always do summarize as well). I won't be including every minor edit I perform obviously, and I can't promise I'll keep this updated either, but it should serve a purpose for now and is a bit easier on the eyes than the standard contrib listing. For anyone looking for a detailed list of my edits of course, you can visit my contributions page.

List of Contributions
Date Page & Revision Links Details
May 14, 2014 Free Stuff (01 02 03) My first edits to the wiki, anonymous at the time, in an effort to give back to the community for the wonderful free stuff links I had enjoyed. I fixed one of the links that was wrong, and added two links to the DB section that were valid but for some reason missing or removed from the list.
May 16, 2014

All That Turns
Noble Defense

My first real contribution, still anonymous, was the alternate info for Harlton and Roxton in the listed quests. I had no idea how I was supposed to present them but felt the information needed to be shared, but Majipoor keenly spotted the entries and altered them into the beautiful tabbed formats they're in now. I created my account on that day as well.
May 17, 2014

Bashir Vassar
Vassari Swords

Excited about my participation in the wiki, I went ahead and created my user page as an in-character presentation. Not really noteworthy, but I enjoyed it. I also decided to create a blog entry in order to track and plan my Sworn Sword choices and development, which has been helpful in remembering which I'm seeking to purchase.
May 19, 2014

A Bastard in Need (New)
A Daughter's Flight (New)
Law of the Masters

Full steam ahead, I begun to focus in on Bonus Quests in an attempt to update their entries with missing success/fail messages, stats, pictures, etc. I contributed to about ten different quests that day, including adding two new quests that were missing from the wiki in prior. I also overhauled the Law of the Masters quest which had a page but was missing most all of the info. You'll note why I mention this if you read the comments section of that page. Karma's a beautiful thing.
May 20, 2014

Power & Ranks

Colorful Sails on the Horizon (New)

Beyond adding another missing Bonus Quest, I decided to do a bit of maintenance on Ranks. I first realized there was a bit of an issue when I added my Arbiter rank to my Profile Card (using the wonderful template supplied to us), and noticed the rank was linking to a missing page.

To sumarise what I did was add all the missing redirect pages for ranks, changed some of the existing ones that were redirecting to the outdated Ranks page (as opposed to Power#Ranks which others used), changed the outdated Ranks page to redirect to the Ranks section of the Power page, and edited any pages linking to it to redirect as well. I also marked it for deletion review, but I figure the redirect can at least do the job until then.

The outcome? Less redundancy, and no dead links on Profile Cards from here on. The realm rejoiced!

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