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Those Whose Knees Do Not Bend Easily

Unbowed Unbent Unbroken (U3) is a group of small houses gathered together to protect and help each other prosper. Led by a small group of Sand Snakes and Vipers, we seek to maintain the glory of the Dornish and those who would maintain our ideals and values.

Our Banners

We suggest adding a sand snake to the top of your banners. We have no design guidelines, in fact the more creative and colorful the better.


  • We support our new players, and help them find their way in the game. We also help reincarnators with heavy barters.
  • Good group banter and camaraderie on our facebook page.
  • It would appear we bring dragon luck : Now 30 live eggs in the alliance and 7 very cute Baby Dragons !
  • Expect lots of bacon and cookies !

AvA Victories

  • Egalitarian Regime in Harvest Moon Phase
  • 2nd Overall <100 in Wolf Moon Phase
  • 1st in Dorne in Eel Moon Phase
  • 2nd in the North in Eel Shock Moon Phase
  • 1st in the Stormlands in Bat Moon Phase
  • 2nd Overall <100 in Braavosi Cycle Alliance vs Alliance Combat


  1. Facebook group membership is strictly for members only. Please state your in-game name immediately upon joining the group if it is not already known.
  2. The Facebook group is mandatory, you will need to be in, and to check it regularly.

How to Join

Membership is by invitation only; if you wish to join you need only contact one of our Sand Snakes (officers), or ask to join via the Facebook group.

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