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World Corpse in the Grass


Ulthos is a continent which lies to the south of Asshai and the Shadow Lands in Essos and to the east of Sothoros. It is separated from the Shadow Lands by the Saffron Straits. The island of Ulos is located in the straits between Ulthos and Essos. Almost nothing is known about Ulthos, other than its location and that it is covered in dense jungle.


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The Saffron Straits

the eastern exit of the Jade Sea, dividing Essos and Ulthos. The city of Asshai is at its northwestern entrance. North of the straits are the Shadow Lands, while Ulthos is to the south. The island of Ulos is to the east.

an island which lies in the Saffron Straits, between Ulthos and the Shadow Lands. An unnamed ruined settlement is located slightly inland from the northern shore. It is the easternmost island in the Known World.

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