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Torrhen's Square

Torrhen's Square is one of three locations that an Alliance can build a Camp within the North during Alliance Vs Alliance conflict.

Torrhen's Square is a castle in the North located southwest of Winterfell, near a large lake. It has stone walls thirty feet high with square towers at each corner and a square keep. It is considered a strong keep, but not the strongest.

Adventures at Torrhen's SquareEdit

Volume I Icon Stop the Wildling Raid
Volume I Icon Find the Deserting Crows
Volume III Icon Save Wounded Soldiers (Day)
Volume III Icon Stop Highway Robbery
Volume IV Icon Resupply Torrhen's Square


The Rills

a region in the North located southeast of the Stony Shore, north of Blazewater Bay, and west of the Barrowlands. Its name suggests the area has numerous streams and brooks.
The Wolfswood

a large forest in the North named for the great many wolves one can hear howling in the night. Weirwoods are occasionally found isolated or in pairs.

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