A lot has been done in this Wiki. This is an attempt to catalogue what has already been done.

Great HousesEdit

  • Page for each Great House has been created
  • Images for Houses uploaded
    • Icons, Banners, Pics for House Character, Talents, Shields
  • Nav Bar for Houses Template:Houses - this will be replaced with a new Nav Bar

Possible Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Pages for other Houses (Arryn, Tyrell, Martell)


  • Page for each Background has been created
  • Images for Backgrounds uploaded
    • Page/Artwork
    • Icons

Possible Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Nav Bar for Backgrounds

Guides and TutorialsEdit

Possible Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Wiki Style Guide

Creation of Gear CategoriesEdit

  • Categories have been created for...
  • Links addd to Menu

Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Every Item needs to have its own page
  • Tables on the above Category pages need to be completed


  • Wordmark Created
  • Favicon Created
  • Background image uploaded, frozen in place
  • Menu & Link colours defined

Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Investigate possibility to have graphical menu


  • Contents Page

Follow Up WorkEdit

  • Template:Reward Object to be used to show the reward for all Quests & Adventures
  • Nav Bars
    • Houses, Guides and Tutorials, Gear, Backgrounds, Character, Holding, Buildings, Resources, Companions

Customise BadgesEdit

  • Extra Badges Created for working on specific categories
  • Most Badges Renamed
  • Most Badges given a new picture
  • Badges page created so that all users can see what they can earn

List you own permanent item:Edit

  • Listing Your self made Permanent Item!
  • Sworn swords- renamed
  • Sworn swords- bought seals.
  • weapon- armor- companions
    IMG 0747

    Elephants remember permanent inventory!!

    IMG 0741

    Keep adding as you reincarnate!

    --Contessa Savage (talk) 07:06, September 5, 2017 (UTC)lets cross our fingers!Contessa Savage (talk) 07:06, September 5, 2017 (UTC)--[[
  • foods that persist through Reincarnation
  • Seals that are permanent!
  • learning to use Permanent Talent points
  • Using points to keep Feality buildings open through reincarnation

  • name of sword
  • specialty
  • Family
  • Appearances
  • First Appearance
  • Last seen if applicable Bold text


  • Categories have been created for...
  • Links addd to Menu
  • Users who are wanting to inventory permanent items before going through reincarnation
  • Keeping swords
  • keeping weapons
  • keeping armour
  • keeping companions
  • keeping track of what you paid for
  • Cross Promotion in Kongregate and DB's Forums


  • Weapons - all Weapons have been uploaded
  • Backgrounds - Artwork & Icons
  • Alignments - Icons
  • Alliance Quests
  • Characters
  • Houses - Shields, Icons, Talents, etc...
  • Buildings


  • Data added about all boons added to the Boons page

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