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Alliance Tiers

Alliance Fealties


Alliances are categorised into ten Tiers, depending on the total number of participants. These tiers determine the cost of Alliance Tactics.

Tier Members
Tier 1 1-25 members
Tier 2 26-50 members
Tier 3 51-100 members
Tier 4 101-150 members
Tier 5 151-200 members
Tier 6 201-300 members
Tier 7 301-400 members
Tier 8 401-500 members
Tier 9 501-750 members
Tier 10 751+ members

Prior to June 2015, Alliances were also categorised into five AvA Tiers, depending on the average number of participants that they had over the last three Alliance Vs Alliance Phases.

Tier Members
Tier 1 No previous experience in AvA conflict

25 or less members

Tier 2 26 to 50 members
Tier 3 51 to 100 members
Tier 4 101 to 200 members
Tier 5 201 or more members

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