• I see that we have a couple pages on Faults and Virtues. I was thinking about combining them together, but couldn't decide on which name: Faults/Virtures or Virtures/Faults.


    Pages already in the system:




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    • Well I think these pages should not be separated from the PtP page since this is the only way to encounter them. I'll try to dig in the source code to find the exact modifiers for each of them. Later though... I have a couple of free days but I plan to spend them resting. I'm a little tired these days :/

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    • I've been doing a bit of catch up on Wiki activity, and came across this conversation.

      I took a look in the game files.  There is no set percentage for Aid or Fault values.  It is based upon the attacker and defender stats.

      For Virtue, (total Aid attack + total Aid defense) divided by 30 then added to a random number from 0.00 to 2.00.  It looks like the minimum is +1% with a maximum of (?).

      For Fault, (total Sabotage attack - total Sabotage defense) divided by 15, then added to a random number from 0.00 to 2.00.  The min and max appears the same as with Virtue.

      The problem is that it is unclear whether it is using the percentages or the actual stats.  There is also a mysterious "10" on the calculation line.  Maybe someone else could read the line clearer.

      Here are two examples of the lines in the game files:


      {symbol:"fight_attack_sabotage_fault",difficulty_class:"@giver.sum_got_stat('bribe',:defend)",duration:"10800",power:"[([((@giver.sum_got_stat('sabotage',:attack) - @receiver.sum_got_stat('sabotage', :defend)) / 15.0)+(rand(0.0..2.0)), 10].min),1].max.to_i",icon:"icon-fault-sabotage",stat:"fight_attack",type:"pvp_fault"}


      {symbol:"bribe_attack_aid_virtue",difficulty_class:"@giver.sum_got_stat('bribe',:defend)",duration:"10800",power:"[([((@giver.sum_got_stat('aid',:attack) + @receiver.sum_got_stat('aid', :defend)) / 30.0)+(rand(0.0..2.0)), 10].min),1].max.to_i",icon:"icon-virtue-aid",stat:"bribe_attack",type:"pvp_virtue"}

      At least for Aid, it looks like it's worthwhile to have a defender in place because defense adds into the total buff gained from the Virtue.  All calculations are the same as the two above, but there is a line listed for every possible attack or defense affected.

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    • I would experiment this before adding some more. I'll ask someone to aid me and maybe I'll find the exact modifier when inspecting the buff in order to tell if it's a raw bonus or a percentage. As far as max.to_i goes, if I recall, it returns the maximum value set in brackets, which in this case is 10. But I haven't used js in a long while so I might be wrong.

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    • I thought that might have been the maximum, but I'm still getting acquainted with simply reading some of these scripts.  In any case, it looks like there may be nothing useful to include in the Wiki other than that Virtues/Faults result in a modifier ranging from 1% to 10% per instance.

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    • Yup. Maybe the duration too (don't remember how long 10800 is, will have to check it). In what concerns reading the code, your life would be way easier if you used a JS Beautifier. It breaks the code in readable lines so you can read it just like to coders at DB do when they write it. Saves you a lot of headaches. : )

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    • Okay....the Wiki finally allowed me to log in...  I found something new that is relevant.

      Apparently the calculations use the total bonus percentage for the listed attack/defense.  I found this out while perusing a file which the game queries for the data needed to perform the calculation.  So, if you have a total of +56% to Aid Attacks, then that is the number used in the formula, not the stats.

      I have a parser, by the way.  Problem is, it works with some game files, but not others.

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      That link is the thing you need. It helped me read all game files

      compiled.js and compiled data uri are those you're interested in, I assume. It works for all other. It takes a little to beautify an entire file (~3m but my CPU is quite old so it might take less).

      Btw, I wanted to ask you if you know the official drop rates for volumes II and III. I've managed to "aquire" those for Volume I so now I'm trying to find a way to determine the percentages for the other two volumes with math. Each volume has the same total weight (by this I mean adding the total weights of each adventure)? It might not be the best lead, but I would like to ask you if I'm on the right track.

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    • No, I do not have those values.  If I did, I wouldn't share them.  When DB encrypted the drop rates, I was still in contact with them.  I was inside the loop when they made that decision, and I had to agree to not publicize the drop rates.  In fact, I had to agree to delete my files to avoid sharing them, which is why I removed my info from the forums.

      And no, the total weights vary from adventure to adventure and Volume to Volume.  They simply range from 3,800 to 4,200, and can be oddball numbers.  Your best bet is to simply run 5,000 of each adventure while logging the results, then calculate the drop rates....and run another 5,000 of each doing the same again, and so on.  Without logging hundreds of thousands of adventures, you will merely be able to do a best guess no matter what.  And yeah, I know no one really wants to do all that.

      And I used the link you mentioned already.  I found it on my own after a new extension turned out to be slower than molasses because the file is over 1,000 pages long.

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    • Stupid login timed-out on me.  So, it didn't show that I was the one who wrote that post...

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    • So in the end it's ranodm for every volume. Well, logging 100 wins per adventure will have to suffice for the Wiki. After all, what I wrote so far in the adventure pages were my own results and not the official drop rates.

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