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    To-Do List: August 2015

    Spinning Gears
    Spinning Gears

    To-Do List


    Make certain that all information is added for Volume Quests, from the beggingin of Vol I til the last one published.
    * * *
    Review existing quests for Fealty differences.
    * * *
    Glossary: still missing lots of important keywords to help new players find relevant information
    * * *
    Archive old AvA Pages in preparation for relaunch of AvA
    * * *
    Find a replacement for the word "faster" that auto-categorises items into their relevant speed categories e.g. Category:Speed Armor
    * * *
    Find a way to auto-cat items that increase sworn sword experience
    * * *
    List of Quests might need a rework for automatic updating if possible. Many quests are missing
    * * *
    Some Shop Deals still use the old format
    * * *
    Some Bonus Quests have old difficulty format
    * * *
    Chance Crafts icons & text
    * * *
    Update "used to craft" for items needed for dragon hatching and evolving
    * * *
    Separate the Talents page out into pages for each tab. Create redirects to point to individual Talents (if needed to make search function work).
    * * *
    Add copyright information and image categories (details here).
    * * *
    Update Quest lists for Characters
    * * *
    Update Quests and Adventures for Locations and Affiliations
    * * *
    Update result pages for the Great Hall Tales Seal/Item recipes.
    * * *
    Brainstorm tutorial ideas for the Wiki, making it easier for people to contribute.
    * * *
    Work out additional auto-categorization buzz words for item cards (Sworn Sword Experience, Character Experience, Speed, etc.)
    * * *
    Add the Quartermaster and Adventure Bonus Rolls to the acquisition section of an item page.
    * * *
    Fix Resources page to draw data from other pages, rather than the main page. Add/edit info about various resources.

    * * *

    Missing Data on Existing Pages

    Missing Quest Details
    * * *
    Missing Results Text
    * * *
    Missing Resale Value
    * * *
    Needs Updating

    * * *

    Big, Boring Jobs

    For all AvA Phases, World Event Cycles, and Tales:
    1. Go to the Rewards listing.
    2. Go to the page for every, single item listed as a reward.
    2a: Check under "acquisition" that the phase/cycle/tale has been listed; if not, add the appropriate information.
    2b: Check that the category [Phase] Reward, [Cycle] Reward, or [Tale] Reward has been added; if not, add that page to the appropriate category.
    3. Rinse and repeat for every other item, title, resource, seal, and kitchen sink.
    See Thread:47223 for more information.
    * * *
    For every image on the wiki:
    1. Go to the file page for that image.
    2. Check if source, copyright information, and categories show on the page.
    See Image Rename Project/Copyright for information on what each page needs to include and how to add the appropriate templates/shortcuts.

    * * *

    Identifying Problem Areas

    If you find a page that has the same name as another page, such as Unsullied and Unsullied (Vol V), please add the category Disambig Needed
    * * *
    For quests that have variations that either have not been set up with tabs {e.g. A Man in King's Landing/Tully) or have the tabs at the top of the page (e.g. Abducted), please add the category Tabbed Formatting Issues
    * * *
    For any pages created with the incorrect names, please add the category Naming Conventions Project
    * * *
    If you find an image that has not been named correctly (more information here), please add the information to Image Rename Project/Discovery
    * * *
    If you find a page with incorrect or missing details, but you don't know the correct information to update it, place the following text:
    {{Needs Updating|Short Reason}}
    (where Short Reason is a brief description of what needs to be corrected/added) at the very top of the page.


    • Added headings
    • Removed Tales of Ice and Fire from list
    • Removed "update camp requirements", added "Archive old AvA pages"
    • Removed World Event Gear category
    • Added Great Hall project
    • Added "Needs Updating" to missing data
    • Added section "Identifying Problem Areas"
    • Added "Tabbed Formatting Issues"
    • Added "Naming Conventions Project"
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    • You've got "Make certain that all information is added for Volume IV and Volume V" but I think you should add Vol You, Forging Bonds, and Breaking Ties (although that volume isn't even finished yet, so I can see why it would be left off). The non-show volumes are really long, and I have no doubt that there is a lot of missing info in them as you get into later chapters.

      Add something like "determine new menu structure" because I really think that needs to be addressed quickly.

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    • Daughter of the North: All tale weapons, armors and companions added. Seals still needed to be added. Maybe tomorrow :-)

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    • Whoo hoo, Gorth!

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    • Additional Changes:

      • Added Vol You, FB, and BT as tasks
      • Added menu structure to tasks
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    • Changed many items that had the same images to have different images. Now you can tell them apart!

      We'll need to get the new artwork and update the relevant items.

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    • Oh, fancy! Gorth and I were working on a list of incorrectly-named image files; we just need an admin to change them at some point (and leave redirects so we don't have to change every page).

      The post is here.

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    • I've added the Image Rename Project to "Identifying Problem Areas".

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    • I've just finished going through the Buildings and making the Upgrades section pretty for each. While I was in there, I've tried to get everything as consistent as possible.

      However, I'd really appreciate if someone could cast an eye over these pages for me, I'd be super grateful. Look out for things like:

      • Wording matches on every page
      • The full stop has been left off where appropriate
      • Table widths are consistent
      • Gold icon has been used instead of the word

      You can use the Smithy page as the template example :)

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    • I'll take a peek through the pages.

      So Ghost, do you have any thoughts about the menu?

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    • I'm not 100% sure what the issue is, exactly?

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    • This is in reference to the dropdown menus at the top (just for clarification).

      The menu needs an overhaul basically, but right now it's missing components because we have too many items on it. (No Tales, no Breaking Ties, unnecessary AvA info, etc.) In the prior thread, we had done some light chatting about what to change and how, but we never solidified anything.

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    • According to Wikia, we're limited in the following ways:

      4x Level 1 Links

      7x Level 2 Links for each Level 1
      10x Level 3 Links for each Level 2

      I'll kerjigger some things around and if I come up with any ideas, I'll post something :)

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    • Is it a jerk of me to say we eliminate the "Like Us in Facebook" link? That could go under the Community tab, and we could add a fourth Level 1 link (I don't know what that would be, but there are a lot of things under "Game Pages" that could be split or moved around).

      I had provided my own input on Template:Test/Velvet with how to split up the various categories. Maybe that could help you too?

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    • Just a quick note, you have some level 4 entries on your test template, but the navigation bar can't support that.

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    • Yes, I do. I was actually thinking they might be doable like the way our current Your Holdings dropdown is done (with the fake-looking fourth level, hehe).

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    • Ah, gotcha. Nice ;)

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    • So, I have a fun task for anyone who wants to waste an hour or two. Though, by "fun", I mean "brain shatteringly tedious".

      I've been adding new images, and it seems that there are a lot of images, some going way back, that are missing the copyright information, some or all categories, or have the wrong categories assigned.

      There must be hundreds (thousands?) of images on this wiki, so we're talking a job of sisyphean proportions; but it's the kind of thing that you can throw half an hour at and that would still be really helpful.

      So what do you need to know?

      1. You need go to the image page:
      Shortcut: Go to the item's page, then add the File: and .jpg on either side of the item name.

      2. Click edit
      3. Add the copyright template:

      {{Gotaimage|IMAGE_NAME_statview.jpg|folder = content/item}}
      Note: double check that the link works (e.g. the Adolescent Red Dragon is located at "adolescent_dragon_red_statview")

      3. Add one or more of the following category templates:

      {{ImageCat|Quest Reward}}
      {{ImageCat|Boss Challenge Reward}}
      {{ImageCat|Alliance Challenge Reward}}
      {{ImageCat|Adventure Reward}}
      {{ImageCat|Crafted Item}}
      {{ImageCat|Purchasable Item}}
      Note: only add categories for the "base" item, not all of the items that use that image (e.g. the Satin Cloak is categorised as a crafted item, but not an adventure reward).
      Special: shop images can skip step 4.

      4. Add one of the following category templates:

      {{ImageCat|Body Item}}
      {{ImageCat|Hand Item}}
      Note: Units and Companions are not interchangable! :P

      5. You're done! Hit publish!

      Happy hunting!

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    • Perfectvelvet wrote: Yes, I do. I was actually thinking they might be doable like the way our current Your Holdings dropdown is done (with the fake-looking fourth level, hehe).

      Are you calling my "4th level menu" a FAKE?!? =)

      The main problem with your current suggestion for navigation is the amount of 2nd level menus; I think I already mentioned this some time ago.
      Right now we have 7, you're proposing 8. It's not so much about the amount (you can have up to 10), it's the width of the menu buttons. Even on big screen you probably can't fit them all, but viewing this on smaller screens the menus get split into 2 rows or even cut off (not sure). Some menu names (ie. Other Quests and Events) are way too long and should be substituted.

      As an alternative, here's my suggestion: Test/Itenion

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    • Hahaha! I love the fourth level menu!

      Oh yes, my menu had a lot of issues. I never navigate on a Wiki with my phone, but apparently that is the way things are going, so it's definitely something to consider. Your menu is quite lovely though!

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    • I added the max reduction time (speed -70%) to adventures card.

      For example Evacuate the Mountain Men:

      • full time duration: 2h 56m
      • duration with max reduction (70%): 52m 48s

      Also fixed the adventure card fonts for big screens to properly display adventure name; it was going out of frame before due to wikia's font size adjustment for different screen sizes.

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    • Would you be able to have a look in and try and see why the Defender cards are displaying oddly? Instead of just the name of the defender as a link, it's showing [[Pirates of the Summer Sea| PIRATES OF THE SUMMER SEA]].

      Apparently it's not happening to all them and, IIRC, it doesn't happen on Quest pages?

      It appears that the font-width thing might have been the problem, because forcing an adventure page to update fixes the issue.

      So what we need here is one of those admin (bureaucrat?) -level force updates that refreshes all the templates on all the pages.

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    • Yes the defender template was messed up, not sure why or for how long. I removed the title link from defender card.
      I could fix it to make it work properly, but I decided we don't really need those links, since most defenders don't even have their own page, so we would end up with a buttload of broken links (eventho they don't display red on those cards due to styling).

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    • Works for me :)

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    • I added Tales to the list ... many, many of the items awarded in a Tale do not have the acquisition data added to the page. I am not referring to categories; those are added automatically. I am referring to the actual acquisition part, where we manually add how to craft it or where to receive it.

      I have a little minion who has been helping me with this project, and thank you for that, but I figure I will open it up to everyone at this point since we do need to go back to all of the Tales and do this.

      Seals and Items need this data. For Great Hall acquisition info, see Peerless Daughter's Seal of Intrigue. Daughter's Candle shows one way of listing Rank acquisition, but I am in favor of not making it so specific, since it will depend on what Tale came before it. Maybe just "Awarded for ranked players in Tales of Ice and Fire" or something? Ditto for Renown acquisition.

      Also, The Free Folk Tale is still missing some items and pages. I can work on the pages late tonight or tomorrow, if someone wants to add the items. Specific mention to legendary seals, titles, and new items -- but please check for all of them.

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    • Ghost mentioned something like this regarding the boss quest reward items, I believe, but...

      Any idea when I type in R'hllor anything, there is no dropdown suggested page except R'hllor Temple? I was adding some resale values to the R'hllor items, and none of them show up (unless I actually hit enter and get the full search screen). Something to do with the apostrophe maybe?

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    • I agree that, for Tales acquisition, mentioning that they are obtainable as rank and/or threshold reward "in various Tales of Ice and Fire/Rewards" is informative enough without mentioning the specific ranks and "during the second run of etcetera".

      However, to help discovery, I'll look at adding some links to the Tales Rewards page to direct players to the pages they need.


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