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Thirsty for More

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Thirsty for More is a Sworn Sword Quest that is part of the Virulence and Vigilance storyline.

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Thirsty for More

"A passing traveler was laughing about an attempt on Daenerys's life well before I heard anything about it. Which is passing strange, my [lady/lord]."



"Did he have the facts right, Rona, as far as you can determine?"

"His tales were vague, my [lady/lord], perhaps embellished as such tales always are. I'm more concerned that he knew so soon, not that he spoke at all."

"Make sure this man knows to tell only true tales in my holdings."

"Hmmm. So many things depend on swiftness and sureness. This could present an opportunity."

"This tale has affected prices in interesting ways, my [lady/lord]. I've seen it before. Despite all the talk of poison, demand for wine has gone up."

"Rona, find him and tell him to talk to us first, the next time he has a tale like this."

All Alignment Quests

Whichever option you select, the following Sworn Sword Quest will activate:

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He seems to know too much, too soon for his likes. This tale-teller may be worth confronting...



Spy Rona says, "We found the man who was telling the tale of Daenerys's salvation, my [lady/lord]. We had a brief conversation."
Steal Rona chuckles. "I had someone tell the same story he was telling, my [lady/lord], and he came forward to accuse my agent of theft. And then we had a talk."
Sabotage Rona says, "I put out a tale of my own, my [lady/lord], that the man was a liar and a scoundrel. When he started a fight to defend his name, we had"
Swindle Rona shakes her head. "I didn't think it would work, but Groat was right this time. We had him in hours and had a pleasant conversation."
Bribe Rona shakes her head. "Groat wanted to offer a false prize, but this was superior. We had to repel many local folk looking for a reward... and we found him."
Barter Rona says, "All it cost was a meal and a bed for the night, and sure enough, the man came forward. We... had a talk."


Rona sighs and shakes her head. "We could not find the tale-teller, my [lady/lord]. He's long gone now. My apologies." (Not necessary to repeat; +1 Wound)

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Dregs of a Tale - Virulence and Vigilance - II - Unquenched
Targaryen Icon Unextinguished
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