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The Wars to Come

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The Wars to Come

In Meereen, dissent builds against Queen Daenerys, but a journey to Pentos reveals farflung plans for a Targaryen restoration. Meanwhile, on the Wall, the election of a new Lord Commander looms.

Icon-quest-dark Goals

Icon-friendgift-dark Rewards

Choose one of 3

Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Precious Ore
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Hard Wood
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Steel Precious Ore Hard Wood

Quest Icon All Quests

Required Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to the next Chapter.

Other Quests

These quests are not required to complete the Chapter's goals, but may be available to do.
Their completion can sometimes be a prerequisite for a required quest or a goal in a future chapter.

Quest Icon Queen or commoner? Brother or Lord Commander? The living or the dead? Whose side will you take?

Quest Icon Volume V Icon Quest Icon

The Wider World - Volume V - The House of Black and White

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