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The Unwilling Merchant's Foster

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The Unwilling Merchant's Foster is a Bonus Quest. You do not need to succeed to complete this quest.

World Bustling Market


The Unwilling Merchant's Foster

"I need your influence with that Braavosi merchant, Obara Saan. She won't foster my bastard, Denyo. You must help me convince her!"

Quest Duration: 30m



"What's her objection to Denyo?"

"Saan dislikes [Your Friend's House] in general. She says we're all laggarts and crooks! This is Denyo's opportunity to become prosperous."

"I'll ensure Obara fosters him, as you ask."


"I'll convince Obara to foster him, for favors in future trade with your son."


Alignment Truthful Icon Silver Icon +100-250
Alignment Cunning Icon Silver Icon +200-350

All Alignment Quest

Whichever option you select, the following Bonus Quest will activate: Alignment Truthful Icon Alignment Cunning Icon


Item Card

Coin Master

Item Border Silver

Common Gem

Battle Icon 2 10%
Trade Icon 2 5%
Intrigue Icon 2 10%


100% equals your character's level
A stubborn Braavosi who refuses to foster a [Your Friend's] bastard.



Alignment Truthful IconSwindle [Your Sworn Sword] is able to convince Obara that Denyo is a beautiful young daughter of another house. She willingly takes "her" as her apprentice.
Alignment Truthful IconAid Obara is grateful for the protection of her goods, and grudgingly agrees to take Denyo on. "Though nothing good ever came of House Vance.
Alignment Truthful IconBribe Enough coins and Obara forgets her objections to Denyo's apprenticing. "Maybe something good can come of [Your Friend's House] after all," she shrugs.
Alignment Truthful IconBarter The incentive of several casks of oil sweetens Obara's favor towards Denyo. "I'll remember this favor," [Your Friend] smiles.
Alignment Truthful IconSpy [Your Sworn Sword] uses rumor of Obara's shady dealings to pressure her into taking Denyo. "Well played indeed," [Your Friend] smiles.
Alignment Truthful IconHarass [Your Sworn Sword] keeps Obara's caravans from traveling until she agrees to apprentice Denyo. "We're in your debt," [Your Friend] smiles.

Alignment Cunning IconSwindle [Your Sworn Sword] convinces Obara that Denyo is a bright, eager son of another house entirely. Denyo agrees to favor [Your House] in future trade.
Alignment Cunning IconAid Protection of her wares makes Obara agree to take Denyo on, and Denyo promises [Your Sworn Sword] that future trades with [Your Friend's House] will be favorable.
Alignment Cunning IconBribe Some coin is enough to convince Obara to take Denyo on. Denyo agrees in turn future favorable trade between [Your Friend's House] and [Your House].
Alignment Cunning IconBarter The oil secures Denyo a position with Obara. "Trade between [Your Friend's House] and [Your House] will always be favorable," he promises.
Alignment Cunning IconSpy Threatened with exposure of shady dealings, Obara takes Denyo on. "Trade between [Your Friend's House] and [Your House] will be fruitful," Denyo smiles.
Alignment Cunning IconHarass Obara yields to end the blockade, and Denyo is pleased. "I'll see to it that trade between [Your Friend's House] and [Your House] goes well."


Enter the text upon failure of the quest

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