DisambigIconGoTA This page is for the Alliance. For other uses of Unsullied, see Unsullied (Disambiguation).

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The Unsullied (Alliance)

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A Targaryen Fealty Alliance. 


  • Friends only membership requirements no minimum levels, rookies and beginners more than welcome as training and advice are available from the more Experienced members
  • Friending one of the officers or leader is a requirement.


There is no required donations or contributions. This may change in the future but at this current time we do not expect anything other than you to enjoy the game learn and grow.


Grey Worm


  • Malzandra
  • Ava Leya
  • Tarril Nightstrider
  • Tyberius Tyrone
  • Disturbia Integria
  • Tarnweig


How to Join

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