A book bound in strange copper. The cover is made of beaten copper and it bears engraved lightning motifs, which suggest it originates from the time of the Storm Kings.

It is locked with a puzzle-lock. It needs a the Storm Key to be opened; forcing it may destroy the book.

Featured In


Page 56

When ends the Long Summer, know that the Long Night shall be marked by the burning of a star in the sky. Witness its red fire both day and night…

This red star is the lightning which heralds the thunder. When it burns the above, the lords of Winder come once more. Beware the coming of the bloody star.

Page 121

In the waning days of the Dragon Kings, there shall be born again the Sons of Thunder. You will know them by their rage and by the blood they shed…

Look, then, ever to the Old Gods, and keep them in your heart and your Godswood. Those from across the waters will not honour them, so you must ever do so.

Page 256

And Grobart found in the wake of the storm upon the sand a great plate of glass, and struck by lightning. He had it made into a great mirror...

This is the Stormglass, wrought to reveal the light in the dark of the storm. Retrieve it when the prophecies of the Long Night are upon us.

Other Pages

The remainder of the Thundersheaves contains dreams and prophecies, accounts of ancient Storm Kings and other lords of the Stormlands.

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