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Essos: The Summer Sea

The Summer Sea
The Summer Sea is a body of water located south of Dorne. It stretches eastward from Westeros around the southern coast of Essos and the northern coast of Sothoros. West of the Summer Sea is the Sunset Sea. Just east of Dorne, the Summer Sea is separated from the Narrow Sea to the north by the island chain known as the Stepstones. South of Westeros and the Stepstones are the Summer Islands. East of the Summer Islands are Naath, Sothoros, and the Basilisk Isles.


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one of the four known continents in the world. It lies to the southeast of Westeros and is south of Ghiscar in Essos across the Summer Sea. East of Sothoros is the Jade Sea. Sothoros is a large continent, covered in jungles, plague-ridden, and largely unexplored. The northern coast has been mapped, with the ruined cities of Zamettar, Yeen, Gogossos and Gorosh noted, but little else is known of them.
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Ax Isle

an axe-shaped island off the northern coast of Sothoros. To the west lies the Basilisk Isles and to the north lies New Ghis, across the Summer Sea.
The Basilisk Isles

a group of islands off the northern coast of Sothoros. To the south lies Zamettar, to the east Ax Isle and to the southwest, the Isle of Toads. The mud-and-blood towns of the Basilisk Isles teem with escaped slaves, slavers, skinners, whores, hunters, brindled men, and worse.
The Isle of Tears

an island off the northern coast of Sothoros. The ruined city of Gogossos sits upon the island. To the west is Basilisk Point and to the northwest is the Isle of Toads.
The Isle of Toads

an island off the northern coast of Sothoros. To the southwest lies the Isle of Tears and to the east, the Basilisk Isles.

an island of the northwestern coast of the continent of Sothoros. The people are called Naathi. They are called the Peaceful People; they make music rather than war and kill nothing, not even animals, eating only fruit and never flesh. They are widely sought after by slavers who consider them to make the best slaves.
Skull Island

an island in the Summer Sea. It is located north of the northern coast of Sothoros, straight from Zamettar through the Summer Sea, and northeast of the Basilisk Isles.
The Summer Islands

a large archipelago located to the south of Westeros and Essos, and west of Sothoros. The islands separate the Sunset Sea to the west from the Summer Sea to the east. The northern-most islands of the group have been mapped, but it is not known how far south the island chain extends. The mapped portion of the chain includes three large islands and numerous smaller ones.

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