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Westeros: The Stormlands

The ancestral home of the Storm Kings and seat of power of House Baratheon of Storm's End, placed in the southeast section of Westeros, to the northeast of Dorne. The Stormlands are so-named because of the savage and frequent storms that batter the coast. Bastards that are born in the Stormlands are given the surname Storm.

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Cape Wrath

a large penninsula that juts out into the narrow sea, bordered to the north by Shipbreaker Bay and to the south by the Sea of Dorne. The Weeping Tower sits along its shore.
Dornish Marches

an area of the southwestern Stormlands bordering Dorne, the Reach, and the Sea of Dorne. Its landscape includes plains and the northern Red Mountains. A road runs south from the ruins of Summerhall in the northern marches to Yronwood via the Boneway.

an island off the Cape Wrath in the Stormlands. It is a small island and very mountainous.

main overland route in Westeros and extends for almost two thousand miles. From the northernmost end at Castle Black, at the Wall, it runs south to the capital, King's Landing and continues on through the Stormlands to Storm's End.

a large forest that lies on Cape Wrath in the Stormlands. Although it is rainy, the region is fertile enough.
The Red Watch

the region around Stonehelm in the southern Stormlands, where the Red Mountains meet Cape Wrath.
Shipbreaker Bay

a large bay along the eastern coast of Westeros. Storm's End sits along its shore.

an island off the main continent of Westeros that is the fief of House Tarth, who rule from Evenfall Hall and is situated north of Shipbreaker Bay.
The Wendwater

a river located in the southeastern Crownlands and northeastern Stormlands. It is the largest river in the Kingswood.
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a castle in the Stormlands.

the seat of House Dondarrion in the southwestern Stormlands. Part of the Dornish Marches, it is located in the northern Red Mountains near the Dornish border and north of the Wyl.
The Broad Arch

a castle in the Stormlands.

a castle in the Stormlands.
Crow's Nest

a castle in the Stormlands located in the mountainous terrain between Griffin's Roost and Stonehelm, along the western edge of Cape Wrath and the Rainwood.
Evenfall Hall

a stronghold located on the island of Tarth in the Stormlands. It is the seat of House Tarth.

a castle in the Stormlands.

a castle in the Stormlands located northwest of Storm's End at the southern edge of the Kingswood, south of the Wendwater.

the seat of House Trant in the Stormlands.
The Grandview

a castle in the Stormlands.

a castle on the island of Estermont.
Griffin's Roost

a castle located between Storm's End and Crow's Nest in northwestern Cape Wrath.
Harvest Hall

the seat of House Selmy in the Stormlands. It is located in the Dornish Marches.
Haystack Hall

a stronghold in the Stormlands located to the east of the Kingsroad and north of Storm's End.

a castle in the Stormlands located in the southern Rainwood in Cape Wrath.
The Nightsong

a castle in the Stormlands located in the Dornish Marches.
The Parchments

a castle in the Stormlands.

a stronghold in the Stormlands.
Rain House

a castle in the Stormlands in the eastern Rainwood along the southern shore of Shipbreaker Bay.

a castle in the Stormlands situated in the Red Watch region of the eastern Dornish Marches along the coast of the Sea of Dorne.
Storm's End

the seat of House Baratheon along Shipbreaker Bay in the Stormlands. One of the strongest castles in the Seven Kingdoms.

a ruined castle in the Stormlands. Formerly a lightly fortified castle used by the Targaryens as a summer castle and royal residence, it was destroyed in a great fire.
The Weeping Tower

a castle located in the Stormlands. It lies on the southern shore of Cape Wrath, along the Sea of Dorne.

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